Unit 3, Day 2: Mon. May 2nd

Project 3 Proposal

Write a brief project proposal for Project 3. Identify which assignment you will repackage (Project 1 or Project 2), the new genre you will choose, and the target audience! Be prepared to share these proposals with the class on Wednesday!

  1. Which project will you repackage and WHY? Project 1 or 2?
  2. Choose your intended audience. Who is it going to be. Choose from one of these 5 options! Fourth graders, City Tech Freshmen, New York City Council members, Your grandparents or older relatives, or Activist groups (like BLM or LGBTQIA+ Youth, etc.).
  3. Choose a genre. What genre will you choose for your multimodal text? Remember it has to be one that lends itself well to creating a multimodal text!Think carefully about your message, who you hope hears the message and what is the best way to present that message to that specific audience. What is your message? How do you want your audience to respond (do you want them to change the way they think, act, etc.)?  What is the best genre to reach your targeted audience? 


  1. Camila Torres

    For this project, I decided that I’m going to repackage project 2 because I believe it will obtain more information. Project 2 gives more information and statistics compared to project 1 for this multimodal text. The audience that I chose are activist groups. There are many activist groups that look for justice for children that can grab their attention by providing information and ways to help. Project 2 gives off a more formal tone so I believe it fits best in this multimodal text and to reach out to those groups who raise awareness to prevent crimes against children. The genre that I chose for my multimodal text is video/slide presentation. This genre can send a message to those groups, demonstrating and showing many statistics on those children. The reason on this visual is to make the audience find ways to prevent child abuse and to raise awareness.

  2. Alisa

    I will repackage project 1 because it’ll match with my intended audience since my project 1 was about discourse community City Tech students and my intended audience are City Tech freshmen . This genre will be more of informative about City Tech college for new students City Tech freshman . I think repackaging my project 1 city tech discourse community and combing with City tech freshmen will be a perfect match to inform and teach some things to freshmen students about City Tech college .

  3. Rickey Bryant

    For this project I choose project 2 I choose this because project 2 is what I love taking about sharing my experiences about it and how’s it affecting other today.The attend audience would be the city tech council Members. The genre for this would be a speech where I can explain why what’s going on how’s is it affecting people today . My message would be to my audience is to stay safe watch your back all time March for our lives because nobody is safe. I want my audience to respond with their opinion and more confidence on what they want to say.The reason of a speech is because it’s so that we can end gun violence for good in nyc and that our voice matters.

  4. Mushfiq Alam

    For this project I will choose to repackage my project for unit 2. My take on unit 2 was addressing the issues people may have when concentrating or why they might not be able to focus. In correlation, my intended audience will be young adults preferably those between the ages of 21-26. The reason why I chose project 2 and my intended audience is because a lot of young adults only believe that they can get diagnosed with conditions like ADHD at a young age, however, I want to show them that it’s possible for them to have it at a later stage in life. The way I’d convey this idea is probably through a chart or skit.

  5. Steven Galushka

    For this project I will be using project 1 and the intended audience is CityTech Freshmen. The genre will be Linguistic and Spatial layout. I want to write to people who are interested in starting a new hobby or want to learn about a discourse community that is uncommon in the city since there are no trails nearby.

  6. Tehmina Imanat

    I will repacked my project 2. I chose this project because it has alot of outside sources with citations. The genre I will write in is a blog and my audience will be professors/teachers. I will provide infomration about how professors should be aware for the change of mental health after they have returned back from the COVID-19 Pandemic. I will provide data facts, stories, images, tips, and detailed information.

  7. Diana

    When looking at what unit I wanted to repackage I looked at unit 2 in which I talk about abortion because when looking at recent times it seems fitting. There are many different groups that I can address and feel like they would be interested. I want to be address city tech freshman because I think that is a time in which many people are being sexually active but are scared to talk about it. I also learned with my research that many women get their abortion because they want to finish school so I want to address freshman and let them know its normal. I want to encourage them to get help and not feel shame.

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