Prompt: Good habits can improve our physical, emotional, and/or financial health. This semester, you’ve all sought to adopt new habits that will keep you strong in college. What habit would you tell an incoming freshman to adopt that you have also cultivated this semester?



Daily actions define a habit, and people’s habits define their lifestyle. Given that, it is important to build habits that are good for our physical, mental, and financial health. Having good habits can be very beneficial at all stages in life, especially as college students. What exactly are good habits? Managing time in a disciplined manner, going to the gym, budgeting money, and setting priorities are all examples of good habits or practices.

During my Fall 2021 semester at City Tech, I faced a lot of barriers but learned how to overcome them as well. One habit that I acquired, and which proved to be very beneficial was making quality time for each item on my daily agenda. Which means, when it was time to study, I would only focus on that. When it was time to work, or sleep or eat I would focus all my energy on that. As a result, I found myself feeling less overwhelmed. Moreover, it helped me avoid feeling “burnt out”. Another habit that I tried, and still am trying to create is managing my time better. I think it is crucial to have good time management skills. Waking up and going to sleep at a fixed time, eating at a fixed time, having a steady work and study schedule are all good practices to have. It will really help a college student excel.

I would advise an incoming freshman to acquire two habits. They are good time management skill and knowing what is more important or setting priorities straight. College can be very stressful, therefore having good time management skills can help with handling heavy workloads, and balancing between work and school. Outside of school, it helps to find a balance between social and academic life. Moreover, it will help a student find time to fit other activities into their days, for example: going to the gym, or for a hobby. Setting priorities straight is as important as time management skills. This is because a college student should learn to know what is more important at the moment and what is not. Distractions are always going to be there, however being aware of priorities can help a student stay in track.

College is an important part of a student’s life. It is a place to grow as a person, get an education, plan future goals, etc. Therefore, it is very important to have good habits in college, because it helps a student get through the 4 or 6+ years smoothly. Moreover, it builds character which help in the future with careers and social life. To sum it all up, I will repeat our actions become our habits and our habits are who we are.