In My first semester in college, I have learned a lot of stuff and I have developed good and bad habits during this semester. Experiencing new habits is good because I feel like when you discover new habits you get to know yourself and who you are even if the habit is good or bad. So far in my first year of college, I feel different, not only because all my classes are online but because I feel like I have unlocked a new level of myself since entering college.

      This semester I developed some bad habits and some of these habits were, sometimes handing assignments late or not studying for an exam. Even tho I completed all my assignments for each of my classes, as the semester is about to end I look back on what I could have done better and what I could have changed, What I could have done better was be more focused during my classes and study more for exams, for example, my algebra and trigonometry class was a difficult class and I didn’t study for some of the exams but if I did I would have gotten a higher grade for my tests and I probably would have felt more comfortable and not lost during class.

Next semester I plan on changing my ways and bad habits and I plan on bringing on my A-game because I don’t want to bring the same energy and mentality I had in high school into college. I want to be able to complete and hand in all my assignments on time next semester, I also want to be a role model for my little brother and sister because my sister starts college next year and I don’t want her to be slacking the first few weeks of college and for her grades to be bad. This will help my siblings because they have to know that life doesn’t come easy and things can’t be done for them because when they are in college things get serious and they won’t be able to make silly mistakes they would make in high school.

In conclusion, Everyone develops good and bad habits and sometimes those habits can take an effect on your emotions, for example, there was a point in time in the semester where I was nervous and scared about how I was performing in class and I was afraid I will opt out because of bad grades but towards the end of the semester I got rid of my bad habits and was able to raise my grades and perform better on exams and started handing in my assignments on time. Everyone has good and bad habits but the question is when are we going to realize that we have to let go of those bad habits to benefit ourselves.