Blog Entry # 1

It’s the 3rd week of class. We’re required to search for and get into an internship relating to our major. The professor gave us plenty of sites that we could use to find one, but the one I’ve been using the most is That site was the easiest to use out of all the options available. I applied to about  15 different internships and I’m hoping that one of them responds to me. I’m not sure on what I feel about this process. I’m actually scared that I won’t find one by week 5 of class. The hardest part about this is that I haven’t been up to date with my artwork, so my portfolio doesn’t look all that great. I’m looking through so much old work just to find something acceptable to throw into this portfolio for these internship opportunities. Anyway, I think this is a good spot to stop.

When I'm not slaying dragons in space, I'm probably drawing. Either that or being lazy. We'll just go with the first one though.