App Review

The professor put up a link that had 50 apps for people with creative minds. I decided to check it out. Most of the apps didn’t interest me, to be honest. However, I saw one app that I used to see a lot but didn’t bother to look in to and that was Pinterest.

I’ve had fellow creative friends talking about the app but I never saw the “hype” around it seeing as that I was already overwhelmed with the numerous amounts of social media apps that we have.

I downloaded it and made my account. My first impression of it was that it was easy to navigate. First of all, they ask you to pick out certain topics that you might be interested in. As you can see, I picked a lot more than 5.


There isn’t much to it after that. My feed was full of various pictures/images relating to the topics that I picked. Once again, I was starting to wonder why my friends liked the app.  I then clicked around and learned that you can save/”pin” the image to a board. I guess the best way to describe it would be having a collage/vision board full of pinned images that you found. (See images below)


That’s when the app became interesting to me. I started finding boards that people created, mainly ones relating to the topics I liked of course. I felt immersed in the app and realized that I could create my own board. I wanted it to be beneficial to me though. I didn’t like the idea of just creating a board to have it sit there. I needed to be inspired by it. I wasn’t alone on that idea though. People made boards that consisted of there dream locations, or room designs because they want to model their room a certain way.

I used Pinterest and created a board full of art references. Whenever I’m lacking ideas or trying to find out how to draw something, instead of having to look through google or youtube (not to say that they’re not helpful), I now have Pinterest as another option to use.

I’d recommend the app to anyone with a creative mind for sure.

It’s easy to get inspired by the various boards and pinned images you see.

When I'm not slaying dragons in space, I'm probably drawing. Either that or being lazy. We'll just go with the first one though.