Log #3

So I’ve been in talks with Professor Goetz as usual.

I know I’ve applied to atleast 20 internships but a good 99% of them were Graphic Design related.

The thing is that the more I apply to these Graphic Design internships, the more I realize that I really don’t want to do Graphic Design related work. I mean I REALLY REALLY don’t want to man.

I told the professor that I really want to find something in the illustration/animation field.

Remember how in my first Log, I mentioned that I was going to tell you why I had so many tabs opened up?


Same. I’ll remind us both though.

the reminder from log 1

Anyway, Professor Goetz was telling me to find every single animation studio in NYC and apply to all of them in hopes of receiving an internship opportunity.

That’s exactly what I did too. I’m just waiting for a response now.

When I'm not slaying dragons in space, I'm probably drawing. Either that or being lazy. We'll just go with the first one though.