Blog Entry # 2

It is now week 4 of class. According to the professor, I have another week to find an internship. She isn’t super strict about it and explained that even if some people can’t find an internship by then, we’d be able to keep looking and she would just give us a grade after we complete the internship even if it’s completed during the winter break. I thought about doing that because I found an internship opportunity that didn’t finish until mid-January. I’m not sure If I want to do it thought. I’ll wait another week to see if I get any other offers first. I realize that my portfolio doesn’t look good at all, so I plan on making a proper portfolio website. The goal is to get an internship by next week. I got this.

When I'm not slaying dragons in space, I'm probably drawing. Either that or being lazy. We'll just go with the first one though.