Log #2

Looking for internships is hard when you’re not a Graphic Design student. I personally don’t have an issue with doing graphic design work. It’s just that I have a lot more fun and more passion for working on illustrations and animations, which brings me to telling you about my two interviews.

iight so Boom.

My first interview was with a graphic design company called 3:5 creative[s] located in green point. I’d like to start off with saying that I had to travel for almost two hours to make it to them so I’m already feeling iffy about working for them.

We chopped it up though. They were really friendly. It felt like I was being quizzed at one point though. I’d be given an idea or was shown some work that they worked on and they asked me things like “what would you do to improve on this piece” or “what other ways would you convey this project?”. I pulled a lot of blanks though haha.

My second interview was with a small company called Overcoming the Odds. The thing about this company was that it was right in my lane in terms of illustration and animation. Professor Goetz told me to apply to them. the only issue was that their deadline was the 2nd and by the time I actually read the professors email in regards to it, it was already like February 12th or something.

I emailed them anyway and my first line was “I’m aware that the deadline for your application was the 2nd but I figured that I’d give it a shot and apply to you guys anyway since I have nothing to lose” then proceded to carry on with my cover letter and sent them the link to my portfolio.

Surprisingly, I got an email back from them and they were impressed with my portfolio and they wanted me to call them for a phone interview.

Fast forward to the day of the interview. I called them at the specified time and got no answer on 3 separate occasions. I was listening to elevator music over the phone for atleast an hour in total.

So yea…technically I’ve only had one interview. Not two.

Annnnddddd….I honestly don’t want to work with 3:5 creative[s].

So yea. Back to looking for an internship.


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