Ashermani Linton


Hello, everyone, my name is Ashermani Linton and this is my first year at city tech, I hope we can be friends and I wish you a good semester just don't stress if you feel stressed out just sit back and take a breather. have a wonderful semester. >->

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  1. Ashermani Linton

    My academic Goal is to maintain an ( A or B) grade for the semester, and I want to make sure that I’m on top of my assignments. My job experience is that I’m working in retail and that has given me a good sense of what hospitality means to customer servicing. My career goal is that I want to open my own restaurant or hotel in memory of my grandparents. My personal strengths are that I’m reliable , outgoing passionate and i’d say I’m to caring. How these skills will become professional is that id have to look at situations from a business perspective and ensure that emotions are in check.

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