Electronic Profile                                                                                                                         10%

Students will reflect on who they are as a student, professional, and future industry leader. Then write a personal profile. Think about your academic, career and personal experience and goals.

Industry Research Assignment (Information Literacy Rubric) 25%

Research and write about a trend in one sector of the hospitality industry. Reflect on what skills you plan to develop to become a leader in this sector of the hospitality industry.

Concierge Assignment (Writing and Oral Communication Rubric)               20%

Students will conduct research to learn about a historically significant tourist attraction in New York City then discuss the scope of the hospitality and tourism industry in writing and through an oral presentation.

Shared Reading                                                                                                                       15%

Weekly reading assignments will support a weekly discussion of trends in the hospitality industry.

Weekly Homework                                                                                                                      15%

Articulate, through written responses, the main objectives of the assigned homework on a weekly basis.

Class Participation                                                                                                                   15%

Articulation of the student’s developing knowledge of the hospitality industry in a manner in which all students can benefit and contribute to an engaging learning environment.