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Final Project. Go #plasticfree

For my final project I chose the topic of recycling of plastic bags. Since my major is advertising I would like to make a campaign which will exposes the problem and drives to an action. It will include hashtag #plasticfree, The 5 Gyres Institute logo, website link.


  1. The mood of the text is serious, shocking and it pushes to an action.
  2. My audience is men and women, age range 18-60.
  3. The approach is literal.
  4. I am thinking of including photo of people for one idea and using still life for other.
  5. Male and female models
  6.  Ideas will include plastic bags for first photo shoot and reusable bags for second one.
  7. 2:1 or 4:1 lightning ratio


For my final project I had 3 photo shoots with different ideas. First photo shoot and the following¬† included still-life¬† and the goal was to “set up” the problem of recycling plastic bags. I used a small globe and plastic bags for showing a ratio of the problem. First two visual solutions have dramatic light set up and minimum Photoshop manipulations. Second two visual solutions have smaller light ratio and photos are not that dominant in the final campaign. I blended original photos with a plastic texture and it gave a filling of a polluted ocean’s bed. Also I added a few simple silhouettes of plastic bags for enhancing the filling. In my opinion this two visual solutions best articulate the problem.

Last photo shoot was meant to “set up” a possible positive solution. In my version of the solution I am pushing people towards not using plastic bags and instead start using reusable bags. Portraits look light and happy.


Human Trafficking In Our Own Backyards

Summary: Human trafficking is not only a problem of other countries. In America over 300,000 women, children and men are pulled in sex industry. The number is shocking! After escaping the sex industry people experiencing heavy  PTSD syndrome which makes the adaptation to the normal life is very difficult.

Communication Problem: The problem of human trafficking is a big issue. The problem should be expose to all people. Images should be dramatic and should push to an action which can help resolve the problem.

Image Ideas: 1. Group portraits of young people with high light ratio. Someone covers his face with hands. 2. Broken toy in woman’s hands like a symbol of children trafficking.

Results: My final approach is slight different from the¬† article. I chose children trafficking as my primary topic. All three images has the same style: dark background, high light ratio and the same stuffing animal. I found that UNICEF has special program named “End Trafficking”¬† and I decided to use it for my headline.



Topic Seven: “she being Brand” & “Coming Home, Detroit, 1968”

Summary:¬†¬† “she being Brand” by e.e. cummings is a piece of poetry which talks about a new car in an exiting way. The author talks about a new car almost like he describes a woman and gives the car some humanistic personalities.

“Coming Home, Detroit” has significant different mood and here the car is a part of another picture. The author talks about changes in Detroit during race riots from his POV and experience. The same ride to work¬† turned out in something different and dark. The whole city became tragic and gloomy. I see burned pieces of newspapers on the streets and black and white scenes of the city which was colorful and bright some time ago.

Communication problem:  First image should show a car in triumphal and shiny way. The picture should represent beauty and excitement. The second image should be more contrast and dark for showing negative approach.

Image Ideas:¬† For “she being Brand” image: shinny and bright colors, small contrast between key light and fill light. “Coming Home, Detroit” image¬† should have dark shadows. The main idea is to show the mood through using light and focus.

Results: “she being Brand” image looks positive and promotional. I absolutely love the background which looks like mountain landscape. The reflection under the car reminds me of a frozen lake. “Coming Home, Detroit” image looks dark and moody. The diagonal composition and unusual font placement make the photo interesting. The car line in composition goes down and it brings more negative meaning.

Topic six: The botany of Desire by Michael Pollan

Summary: The article brings to the discussion one of the most important topics of modern agriculture. Genetic engineering became a main tool of getting good harvests and good profit for main agriculture companies such Monsanto. Potato which programmed to protect itself from a bacteria and registered like a pesticide itself is not the best option for anyone except monopolistic companies which control the nature process from “the seed to the dinner”. The author doesn’t give any solution but rather questioning the whole current agricultural technology.

Communication problem: Contrast between expectations and the real life. The well-known potato can be not what we see and taste but something artificial and technological. Idaho potato: using the same potato in positive way, showing the good side of it.

Image ideas: Potato like a part of technological world. I think it can be powerful if I will place some facts from the article on my final image. My main idea is to show potato like part of something different that we know. For  Idaho ad:  lower light contrast, using a lot of light.

Results: For the Botany of Desire image I used dark background and high light ratio. The reflection from the back complements the image. The medical glove and zip lock bag gives feeling of something artificial and not natural. For the headline I used font with floral elements and it has contrast with the image. For the Idaho Ad I chose lighter image with soft background gradient. I did some manipulation in the Photoshop: such changing the color of my watch from red to green, added transparent image of a green leaf and changing the color of hart on the potato.  The Idaho Ad looks green, healthy and natural.


Social Media Addiction

Summary: The article shows the other side of using social media. It is addicting and it was design to be addicting. Most of us use social media without understanding that we actually can’t live without checking our social accounts. It is good parts in social media too: getting resent news, staying up-to-date with our family and friends but the bottom line is in when the same social media starts affecting our lives. Here just a few examples: buying things which we might not need, getting disturbed from work, spending less time with our families and friends. I read a few more articles about the same problem and one of them claimed that posting happy pictures and seeing happy pictures from others can actually¬† lead to a depression state because no one likes to share his failure or not positive things from his live. We want to keep that happy image about ourselves which sometimes can be different from the reality. I think that the main problem of being addicted to social media that virtual life takes over the real one and the virtual life is so convenient,¬† tempting and entertaining just in one click…

Communication Problem: Showing social media in awkward situations. Showing addiction from social media and making everyone to connect himself with the photo. Exaggeration

Image Ideas: Group shot of friend using phones instead real communications. Showing awkward usage of likes and other FB attributes such emoji. Additional acquirement: pink sunglasses like symbol of a fake reality.

Result: The final image has a different concept from my initial idea. During the photo shoot in the studio I got a comment from David that the sunglasses looked more negative rather than a symbol of a fake reality. I decided to use this observation to build my new concept. Also I changed color of the coat to red in Photoshop for enhancing the “danger feeling”. I think I represented the social media addiction itself in the final image.

Topic Four: Headphones

Description of the brand:¬† Bose is a one of the biggest companies specializing in audio equipment. The company was established in 1964 and it is well know for its speakers, home audio systems, noise cancelling and wireless headphones, professional audio systems and car sound systems. The target audience: everyone who can afford it. Regular headphones price is around 150$, audio systems price can get to 5000$ and up. For this project I am going to advertise wireless headphones and include the tagline “Wireless music deserves Bose”.

PSC Hearing Loss:¬† ‚ÄúHear Today, Gone Tomorrow. Turn down your music before you can‚Äôt hear it anymore.‚ÄĚ According to WebMD hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the U.S. Now this is problem not only senior people but young as well. Age range of people struggling¬† with hearing problem is from 18 to 45 years. Listening loud music constantly can bring the hearing loss.

Intention: Bose. Show the wireless feature, clean and minimalist design of headphones. PSC. Show the consequences from listening loud music, hearing loss.

Image ideas: For Bose using a lot of lights, positive images. Wireless = comfort = happiness. For PSC using less lights, using shadows and darkness for negative expressions. Headphones or a wire like a symbol and cause of the problem

Result: In spit of the technical challenges with the camera I am pretty satisfied with the result. It took some time to find right settings for the camera and to set up the light. For first part of the project I used positive attitude and I think the dancing pose complements my concept. I decided to use Bose logo in unusual place¬† and I think it caches the attention well. Also, the Bose ad looks clean and it fits the general style for all company’s campaigns. For the second part of the project we set up dramatic light and I really like how¬† headphones were used in negative way. The loop from the wire on the ear was an allegory for possible bad outcome of overusing headphones. For the body copy I used transparency tool which made it blend with the background. With the low contrast between body copy and background the image speaks first.


Topic 3: Health Care for All

Kinds of Photography: Health Care companies use a lot of individual and group portraits, full body shots. People look happy enjoining spending time with families, friends, doing excises or just walking in a park. Usually image shows simple things of everyday’s life which can be impossible with illnesses or injures. We can see a lot of natural light on photos and usually an outdoor environment.¬† Age groups: senior people,¬† young people, families.

Communication Problem: Taking a photo for Health Care for All in photo studio can be challenging because it is more common to use natural light and an outdoor location. The goal is to show happiness and positive emotions.

Image Ideas: Group shots, showing relationships between members in a group.  Using a lot of studio lights to make it look closer to the natural light.  I might change the background image to more fitting image.

Results: The final image has a different approach from my image ideas. I have decided not to use group shots and not to change the background. However the chosen  image communicates in a clear way. The face expression shows confidence and  it fits the AD. The ball in hands,  which is also was used like a graphic element  emphasizes the name of the insurance company  and brings the attention. All and all the design looks clear,  interesting and it can deliver the message clearly.

Topic 2. The Lower Manhattan Revival

Summary: The article talks about significant changes in Lower Manhattan after the unforgivable tragedy of September 11. The new One World Trade Center represents all phases of dealing with a tragedy: mourning, accepting the continuation of life, planing the future, learning to become better, proving to yourself and other the power of resilience. ¬†Changes happened not only in the neighborhood’s landscape, but in the population it occupies. Down town Manhattan became a vibrant part of the city not an offices area alone. The new One World Trade Center serves as part of ¬†the healing process of the area, the city and the nation. It shows that people and our country need and can resolve.
Communication problem: The image should show harmony between busy, urban neighborhood and¬† silence memorial complex. Improving area exist next to “peoples pain‚ÄĚ. The ability of resolving however hard it is. Human happiness next to emotional past.
Image Ideas: Dynamic composition of architecture, interesting and unexpected angles, emotions of neighbors. Contrast between 2 different places existing next to each other. The new One World Trade Center  as a symbols of the emotional resolve of American people.

Results:  It was hard to choose an image. I selected two different  photos which in my opinion represent the article in the best way. First image shows a bag with working  tools and at the background we can see the museum of 9/11 next to other store signs. For getting such an angle I almost lied down on the ground and the result had justified itself. The font face reminds me of a store sign and I think it complements the photo well.  Second photo communicates in a different tone. In the middle we can see a delivery guy in red short walking with red flowers. Red color looks festive and noticeable and I think it can symbolize result of the emotional resolve of American people. I enjoyed the class trip a lot and I am happy with my photo results.

What Is the Point of College? Utility U. vs. Utopia U.

Summary: The author Kwame Anthony talks about the education system from many different sides. One of his main points is dividing vision focuses on college. Utility U. and Utopia U. are two different groups of perceiving the higher education.

Communication problem: The goals and the way how Utility U. and Utopia U. getting ready for the life out of the college  not quite similar. One group is pretty ordered and conservative with self-expression when other is more artistic and free in making choices.

Image Ideas: For this assignment I would like to use that difference between two groups. Conservative vs. Free. I would like to show that difference in a conceptual way and not  to show the obvious  gap between  conservative and contemporary thinking . I might use some photoshop technique or enhance my idea using a font type.

Results: Before starting the photo shoot me and my partner,¬†Clifford Harry have discussed all¬† concepts of each idea. During the discussion we chose and improved one of ideas and began the production. I strongly believe that we succeed with the results. The images talk in abstract way, bringing a new interpretative level of the main article’s idea.