Topic Seven: “she being Brand” & “Coming Home, Detroit, 1968”

Summary:   “she being Brand” by e.e. cummings is a piece of poetry which talks about a new car in an exiting way. The author talks about a new car almost like he describes a woman and gives the car some humanistic personalities.

“Coming Home, Detroit” has significant different mood and here the car is a part of another picture. The author talks about changes in Detroit during race riots from his POV and experience. The same ride to work  turned out in something different and dark. The whole city became tragic and gloomy. I see burned pieces of newspapers on the streets and black and white scenes of the city which was colorful and bright some time ago.

Communication problem:  First image should show a car in triumphal and shiny way. The picture should represent beauty and excitement. The second image should be more contrast and dark for showing negative approach.

Image Ideas:  For “she being Brand” image: shinny and bright colors, small contrast between key light and fill light. “Coming Home, Detroit” image  should have dark shadows. The main idea is to show the mood through using light and focus.

Results: “she being Brand” image looks positive and promotional. I absolutely love the background which looks like mountain landscape. The reflection under the car reminds me of a frozen lake. “Coming Home, Detroit” image looks dark and moody. The diagonal composition and unusual font placement make the photo interesting. The car line in composition goes down and it brings more negative meaning.

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