“she being Brand” by e.e. cummings & “Coming Home, Detroit, 1968” by Philip Levine

  1. Summary: The poem by e.e. cummings is a metaphor. It seems like he is writing about a driver’s excitement to drive a new car. But as you continue reading, you realized e.e. cummings is using the pronoun of a female to describe the “car”. With that in mind, the poem is actually about a man and woman’s first sexual experience. The poem by Philip Levine is about a person driving through dirty street due to a riot. This is a lot darker than the first poem.
  2. Communication Problem: For the first poem, it is to show how a car is female. The second, it is to show a person driving through chaos.
  3. Image Ideas: A red car to represent female. Two cars in front of each other like they are kissing in a dark background to show it’s night or dark bedroom. One car can be smaller which the other bigger to show female and male. Car on dirty road with random papers and broken signs. This should also be in a dark background to show the chaos and riot.
  4. Results: I really love the colors for the “she being Brand”, because it looks romantic. Also like how it’s a close up to show the “intimacy” of the cars. I like how lonely the car looks for “Coming Home, Detroit, 1968” and the photo looks like an actual car in a dark road with the sign on the side instead of a toy car.

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