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Final Project Brief: Bold Lipstick

Article: 8 Reasons Bold Lipstick Can Make Your Life Better

  1. The article talks about how bold lipstick can improve your life. By helping¬†you feel more confident and better about yourself.¬†If the entire point of the beauty industry is to make us feel great about ourselves, then choosing to wear statement making lipstick is all of us getting to that point.¬†A bold lip brings drama.¬†Helps you dress better because who will wear a red lipstick with sweats on?¬†Find the shade that works best on you and makes you feel confident and you’ll be taking compliments from just about everywhere.
  2. My audience are females.
  3. My approach is literal.
  4. My images will include people and the products.
  5. My model will be Valerie.
  6. The products will be bold lipstick or lip glosses.
  7. I would like to use a soft box to light the model and two back lights with color gels to create a colorful background.
  8. The technique I will use is probably close up beauty shots with a well lit face and product shots with shallow dept of field.

“she being Brand” by e.e. cummings & “Coming Home, Detroit, 1968” by Philip Levine

  1. Summary:¬†The poem by e.e. cummings is a metaphor. It seems like he is writing about a driver’s excitement to drive a new car. But as you continue reading, you realized e.e. cummings is using the pronoun of a female to describe the “car”. With that in mind, the poem is actually about a¬†man¬†and woman’s first sexual experience. The poem by Philip Levine is about a person¬†driving through dirty street due to a riot. This is a lot darker than the first poem.
  2. Communication Problem: For the first poem, it is to show how a car is female. The second, it is to show a person driving through chaos.
  3. Image Ideas:¬†A red car to represent female. Two cars in front of each other like they are kissing in a dark background to show it’s night or dark bedroom. One car can be smaller which the other bigger to show female and male. Car on dirty road with random papers and broken signs. This should also be in a dark background to show the chaos and riot.
  4. Results: I really love the colors for the “she being Brand”, because it looks romantic. Also like how it’s a close up to show the “intimacy” of the cars. I like how lonely the car looks for “Coming Home, Detroit, 1968” and the photo looks like an actual car in a dark road with the sign on the side instead of a toy car.

The Botany of Desire

  1. Summary:¬†The article is about famers¬†that plan potatoes that they can eat and sell but will be illegal to replant. Also how farmers nowadays cannot naturally grow many crops without chemical fertilizers., pesticides, machinery, and fuel. This expensive “input” make the farmer’s debt greater, jeopardizes his health, erodes his soil and ruins its fertility, pollutes the groundwater, and compromises the safety of the food we eat.
  2. Communication Problem:¬†To show food nowadays are mostly genetically engineered with expensive and toxic chemicals and it isn’t good for our health.
  3. Image Ideas: Close up of hands in medical gloves holding a potato and a needle in it. Also hands in medical gloves measuring the potato. A potato in soils and the roots underneath shows chemicals and other harmful items.
  4. Results:

Social Media Addiction

  1. Summary:¬†The article is about social media being an addiction and the people in charge of them are making it addictive. Many people can’t quit Facebook because they have a fear of missing out and even if they are not interested in it, all their friends and families are on there so you are Facebook for them. Youtube is like a TV but with a lot more channels. All of the social networking sites have click bait that draws you right in.
  2. Communication Problem: Social media is an addiction to many and people are on it everyday.
  3. Image Ideas: A group of people sucked into their phones. A person sitting in the middle surrounded by hands holding phones on different social medias.
  4. Results: I love the expression of my model and I love how the phones are beaming light out on to his face in the darkness with the black backdrop. It shows how people who stay up in the odd hours of the night just browsing through social media and getting entertained by it.

Headphones & Hearing Loss

1) A Description of the brand identity of the headphones you will be using and a summary of NYC public Service Campaign on Hearing Loss. Define your target audience. 

Beats by Dr. Dre is a line of high-performance headphones designed specifically to support high-quality playback of popular rock and hip-hop music, and to be worn as iconic body art. They use a lot of colors to show¬†emotion, style and mood. They have simple typography on their ads. The NYC public service campaign on Hearing Loss is advising people to lower the volume when listening with headphones and to take breaks. This will prevent hearing loss in the future.¬†The campaign‚Äôs tagline, ‚ÄúTurn down your music before you can‚Äôt hear it anymore,‚ÄĚ is a clear call to action.

2) What do you intend to convey for each of these two different images? 

For the Beats photos, person enjoying to music with the headphones and for the hearing loss it will show hearing loss is no joke and you need to prevent it when young.

3) Images ideas- Consider lighting as well as wardrobe, pose and expression. 

Beats, will be bright with happy and excited expression. Headphone will be on persons ears and maybe hands on the two sides. The wardrobe will casual for both, for the Beats one the clothing may match the color of the Beats. Lighting for hearing loss will be dark and sad. Using sign language, hands behind the ears to show problem with hearing.

3) Results.

I love how my Beat’s shot came out because of how my model is in white and it contrast well with the rose gold headphones and pink background. I think the typography fit well in the spaces of the photo. The hearing loss photo is ok, it’s one of my weakest photos. It looks boring to me. It was a difficult concept to do with the little materials that we had.

Health Care for All

  1. After researching on health care companies, I noticed a lot of their portraits are with people smiling, looking healthy, shows diversity and family.  The lighting is well light in either taken in studio with a plain background, hospital that is bright or outdoors in nature.
  2. The images should should happy healthy people.
  3. My photographs with show people being together, smiling in healthiness and proud of being alive and well.
  4. The result was great. I captured a natural and not forced smile from my model. Also the lighting was evenly lit.

The Lower Manhattan Revival

  1. Summary:– The articles spoke about the rebuild of the World Trade Center. How there was a period for mourning, patriotism and cleaning up; later a period of what to do with it. Also how the rebuilding it was a way to show terrorists that they haven’t won. The new World Trade is now called “the most secure office building in America.”¬†The article also compared the old World Trade to the new. Now it is more modern and population have tripled; it’s no longer an quiet area with people going home at six o’clock¬†but now¬†a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week, vibrant business district with a diverse group of tenants and a lot of creative, Millennial-type workers.
  2. Communication Problem: How the new One World Trade Center is more modern and lively. It is the place to be with a variety of things to do. However, there is still a memorial to remember all the lives that was lost during the tragedy and to never forget what happened on 9/11.
  3. Image Ideas: The shiny new details of new building. Crowded street around the area. Flowers of the World Trade Center Memorial.
  4. Results:¬†I love how¬†geometric my photo came out. Also how the lighting is on the ceiling and it’s brightest where you see the new World Trade Center.

Utility U. vs Utopia U.

  1. Summary: Some people go to college for Utility U. while others go for Utopia U. Utility U. of college is when people persues a degree in a steady field in order to make a income that will definitely support them. Utopia U. of college is when someone is studying whatever they desire and not worrying if the career path will support them or not, as long as they are doing what they love and enjoys.
  2. Communication Problem: To show the differences between Utility U. and Utopia U..
  3. Image Ideas: Someone studying in the library with a focused expression. Someone happily sketching with a smirk on their face outdoors in well-light area. People studying in a group and enjoying it. Someone working on the computer. Someone studying alone.
  4. Results:¬†The images turned out well. I love how my model is focused behind the many computer and the dull/dark tone of the image for Utility. My shot for Utopia could be better in a different location that have more people doing their work but I like the pop of colors and my model’s chilling pose.