Final Project Brief: Bold Lipstick

Article: 8 Reasons Bold Lipstick Can Make Your Life Better

  1. The article talks about how bold lipstick can improve your life. By helping you feel more confident and better about yourself. If the entire point of the beauty industry is to make us feel great about ourselves, then choosing to wear statement making lipstick is all of us getting to that point. A bold lip brings drama. Helps you dress better because who will wear a red lipstick with sweats on? Find the shade that works best on you and makes you feel confident and you’ll be taking compliments from just about everywhere.
  2. My audience are females.
  3. My approach is literal.
  4. My images will include people and the products.
  5. My model will be Valerie.
  6. The products will be bold lipstick or lip glosses.
  7. I would like to use a soft box to light the model and two back lights with color gels to create a colorful background.
  8. The technique I will use is probably close up beauty shots with a well lit face and product shots with shallow dept of field.

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