Utility U. vs Utopia U.

  1. Summary: Some people go to college for Utility U. while others go for Utopia U. Utility U. of college is when people persues a degree in a steady field in order to make a income that will definitely support them. Utopia U. of college is when someone is studying whatever they desire and not worrying if the career path will support them or not, as long as they are doing what they love and enjoys.
  2. Communication Problem: To show the differences between Utility U. and Utopia U..
  3. Image Ideas: Someone studying in the library with a focused expression. Someone happily sketching with a smirk on their face outdoors in well-light area. People studying in a group and enjoying it. Someone working on the computer. Someone studying alone.
  4. Results: The images turned out well. I love how my model is focused behind the many computer and the dull/dark tone of the image for Utility. My shot for Utopia could be better in a different location that have more people doing their work but I like the pop of colors and my model’s chilling pose.

1 thought on “Utility U. vs Utopia U.

  1. rmichals

    Your images did turn out well. In particular, the image for Utility U. The way the computers surround the person, making him appear very small and totally isolated from others is a strong critique of Utility U. the one thing I think weakens the images are all the apple logos.

    Your post about the assignment is extremely vague however. It would have been very interesting to know how you got from “someone working on the computer. Someone studying alone” to the image of David surrounded by the computers. Be more specific.


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