Health Care for All

  1. After researching on health care companies, I noticed a lot of their portraits are with people smiling, looking healthy, shows diversity and family.  The lighting is well light in either taken in studio with a plain background, hospital that is bright or outdoors in nature.
  2. The images should should happy healthy people.
  3. My photographs with show people being together, smiling in healthiness and proud of being alive and well.
  4. The result was great. I captured a natural and not forced smile from my model. Also the lighting was evenly lit.

One thought on “Health Care for All

  1. rmichals

    Please go back to the post once you have finished the assignment and write about your results.

    You did get a lovely smile from Yuliya. I would say use more fill. the shadows on the side of her face and quiet dark and a bit disquieting.


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