The Lower Manhattan Revival

  1. Summary:– The articles spoke about the rebuild of the World Trade Center. How there was a period for mourning, patriotism and cleaning up; later a period of what to do with it. Also how the rebuilding it was a way to show terrorists that they haven’t won. The new World Trade is now called “the most secure office building in America.” The article also compared the old World Trade to the new. Now it is more modern and population have tripled; it’s no longer an quiet area with people going home at six o’clock but now a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week, vibrant business district with a diverse group of tenants and a lot of creative, Millennial-type workers.
  2. Communication Problem: How the new One World Trade Center is more modern and lively. It is the place to be with a variety of things to do. However, there is still a memorial to remember all the lives that was lost during the tragedy and to never forget what happened on 9/11.
  3. Image Ideas: The shiny new details of new building. Crowded street around the area. Flowers of the World Trade Center Memorial.
  4. Results: I love how geometric my photo came out. Also how the lighting is on the ceiling and it’s brightest where you see the new World Trade Center.

1 thought on “The Lower Manhattan Revival

  1. rmichals

    Please post your comments on your results!

    I think your result is excellent. The detail you chose of the Oculus is beautiful with tremendous visual interest. the glimmer of One World Trade through the windows works perfectly for the story which is very focused around that building. It is interesting that you mentioned details in your image ideas because the realization of that idea works very well..


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