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Utopia U and Utility U

1.Summary:-when working with a text, briefly state the most important points of the article. If an advertising campaign, describe the product. (What is Utopia U and what does it mean vs Utility U  how they work in life , in College.)
2.Communication Problem: What should be communicated by the images that accompany this article or will be used in this campaign? (Environment with person. Something what is relates to utility U or Utopia U.)
3.Image Ideas: List at least two image ideas. You can also include other photographers’ images with credit as examples or sketches. (Utopia U can be shown on image a lot of lite on a desk top and happy person studying. Utility U person working on computer`s  key board)

4.Results: How did it turn out? (It turned out very well Utopia U works very well on image the same as Utility U)

Utility U. vs Utopia U.

  1. Summary: Some people go to college for Utility U. while others go for Utopia U. Utility U. of college is when people persues a degree in a steady field in order to make a income that will definitely support them. Utopia U. of college is when someone is studying whatever they desire and not worrying if the career path will support them or not, as long as they are doing what they love and enjoys.
  2. Communication Problem: To show the differences between Utility U. and Utopia U..
  3. Image Ideas: Someone studying in the library with a focused expression. Someone happily sketching with a smirk on their face outdoors in well-light area. People studying in a group and enjoying it. Someone working on the computer. Someone studying alone.
  4. Results:¬†The images turned out well. I love how my model is focused behind the many computer and the dull/dark tone of the image for Utility. My shot for Utopia could be better in a different location that have more people doing their work but I like the pop of colors and my model’s chilling pose.

What is the Point of College

What is the Point of College? Is it a place where you come to learn such things as Utility U or Utopia U? As I read through the article I got a vision of a young, educated professor trying to distinguish between Utility U and Utopia U by portraying two visions. A vision that is more structure representing Utility U and one that ¬†can’t really exist representing Utopia U.

Idea for Environmental Images:

  1. Someone standing transfixed at an billboard. (Utility U)
  2. Someone standing on in a room surrounded multiple open books.


Results (How it worked out): My partner and I captured some images but after some revision realized that we hadn’t really nail the concept as we should. The images were great but the message was somewhat distorted. Thus, we ended up with a small selection that really speak to what Utility U and Utopia U is really about.

What is the Point of College?

What is the Point of College?, is comparing a Utopia University with a Utility University. In a Utopia University you are able to feel comfortable, free, and have the feeling that you won’t be judged. Utility University is the opposite; there is structure, and you will be judged in what you do. But, in the article it explains that it is a mixture of both Utopia and Utility on any campus. There of course there is one more dominant, usually utility.

For my Utopia environmental portrait, i will be focusing on someone smiling, feeling free in the environment they are in, maybe even thinking about what their next move might be. For my Utility environmental portrait, i will be focusing on someone working in their notebook, trying to meet their desires which is passing class. Or even sleepy or stressed out.


How did it work out? / Post results?

My partner and I focused more on taking photos of other people other than ourselves. For the Utopia images, my idea did work out. We captured people feeling happy, smiling, in a good mood, leaving school and even in the school setting. For the Utility U, we captured people that weren’t so happy, maybe even reading or feeling stressed out. Overall I feel like my ideas came through and worked out for my partner and I.

what is the point of college?

what is the point of college utility U or utopia U? Utility U is how college can be useful to its graduates and employer. Utopia U is experiments in living, aimed at getting student ready for life as free man and woman.

A idea of photos for utility u and utopia u I want to try the front  and a back of a person  which is to show the utility u and utopia u. for utility u the place will be a conner of the campus the lighting will be dark the person is kind upset and down and utopia u will sitting in the front of the school and smiling and cruise.

another idea will be the one person standing in the campus and the other photo will be standing outside of the campus.


Week 1

  1. Summary
    The article talks about the differences between Utility U and Utopia U in a college setting. Utility U focuses on getting return on your investment, and viewing college as useful. This view is looking at college from a financial viewpoint and looking at how the GDP can increase or how the society can benefit from people going to college. Utopia U, on the other side, is about a concept of perfection, an ideal of going to college for personal growth and to develop critical thinking. Utopia U focuses on college being a safe space without judgement and discrimination.

    2. Communication Problem 
    Utility U is more about developing hard skills while Utopia U is about developing a soul and soft skills and I believe this is what should be communicated in the images.

    3. Image Ideas
    Utility U – Focus on a person doing something practical that would be of financial value, usefulness
    Utopia U – Focus on a person looking fulfilled and having personal growth, looking up towards the sky. Or a person doing something they’re passionate about.

    4. Result
    I believe that the final images capture what I wanted to communicate in the photos. The Utility U photo shows a student working hard on practical, useful skills, while Utopia U portraits the student in a more dream-like state, while drawing – focusing on a passion.

    Links to photos:
    Utopia U
    Utility U

What Is the Point of College? Utility U. vs. Utopia U.

Summary: The author Kwame Anthony talks about the education system from many different sides. One of his main points is dividing vision focuses on college. Utility U. and Utopia U. are two different groups of perceiving the higher education.

Communication problem: The goals and the way how Utility U. and Utopia U. getting ready for the life out of the college  not quite similar. One group is pretty ordered and conservative with self-expression when other is more artistic and free in making choices.

Image Ideas: For this assignment I would like to use that difference between two groups. Conservative vs. Free. I would like to show that difference in a conceptual way and not  to show the obvious  gap between  conservative and contemporary thinking . I might use some photoshop technique or enhance my idea using a font type.

Results: Before starting the photo shoot me and my partner,¬†Clifford Harry have discussed all¬† concepts of each idea. During the discussion we chose and improved one of ideas and began the production. I strongly believe that we succeed with the results. The images talk in abstract way, bringing a new interpretative level of the main article’s idea.

what’s the point..?

The narrator draws us in with an experience he had in his first class where he gave a lecture to his class and the students where more concerned if the stories were true instead of why it had to be learned. This leads¬†the article up to his main idea, “What’s the point of college?” His article discusses two points of views on the point of college. The first is the “Utility” aspect where the students invest money to a college in exchange for practical knowledge to be able to bring their GPA up, have useful skills in their field and the ability to use them in the competitive world that lies ahead. The second point of view is the “Utopia”¬†vision. This vision shows college as more of a transition from childhood to adulthood, where students begin to socialize, network and gain knowledge of how to interact with the world on their own as well as find their likes and dislikes before choosing a definite career path. In the end he explains how both the Utopia and Utility aspects of college run hand in hand, one doesn’t go without the other. The problem would be how to display both concepts into a single picture. Some picture ideas would be to include both views using groups of students and teachers. Have them¬†socialize and laughing or smiling to show they enjoy college, as well as¬†equipment being used to show skills being taught or learned.

Results: Even though Karim and I discussed ideas, taking pictures that showed our ideas what quite difficult. We toured the Voheers building and came up with interesting pictures that were different from our initial concepts.. Still it was an enjoyable experience to see our school through different eyes and a different mindset.

1) Utility U. Vs Utopia U.


  • Summary:¬†The article talks about colleges and universities and how they can be categorized in two sections Utility U. which defines studying and learning technical skill, and Utopia U. which is the exploration of each individual and their characteristics.¬†
  • Communication Problem:¬†It should be communicated the difference between each concept and how do they relate to the students.
  • Image Ideas:¬†Utility U. can be a student in the library doing homework surrounded by piles of books, and Utopia U can be a student reading a big colorful board that has many typaces and colors and shapes.


Topic One: Utopia U vs. Utility U

Summary: Firstly, a Utopian is an individual who has hope. A Utopian looks out their college window knowing that there’s a bright future ahead of them. In contrast, there are two primary visions that explain modern-day colleges and universities. These visions are Utility and Utopia.

Utility U. deals greatly with reason and respect. Utility U. is a place where students question and evaluate their surroundings. On the other hand, Utopia U, is the overall quality of their experience. Lastly, Utopia U. is a safe haven, where though and ideas are expressed freely.

Communication Problem: The main thing we need to communicate is the contrast between Utopia and Utility. Utopia is more about positivity and hope, while Utility is more about the stress and utilities dealt with in a college environment.

Image Ideas: Me and my partner brainstormed about the concepts and ideas we could use for Utopia U vs. Utility U. In the end, we decided that our Utopia U photo would involves clones of ourselves enjoying a conversation. Meanwhile, our Utility U photo would be clones of ourselves staring at the camera, representing a sense of isolation and oppression.

Results:¬†We had issues with our concept from the get-go. We realized that in order to successfully photography our concept, we needed to take several photos of each other in different positions while holding the camera completely still. A tripod would’ve been ideal for the situation. Still, we tried our best.