Headphones & Hearing Loss

1) A Description of the brand identity of the headphones you will be using and a summary of NYC public Service Campaign on Hearing Loss. Define your target audience. 

Beats by Dr. Dre is a line of high-performance headphones designed specifically to support high-quality playback of popular rock and hip-hop music, and to be worn as iconic body art. They use a lot of colors to show emotion, style and mood. They have simple typography on their ads. The NYC public service campaign on Hearing Loss is advising people to lower the volume when listening with headphones and to take breaks. This will prevent hearing loss in the future. The campaign’s tagline, “Turn down your music before you can’t hear it anymore,” is a clear call to action.

2) What do you intend to convey for each of these two different images? 

For the Beats photos, person enjoying to music with the headphones and for the hearing loss it will show hearing loss is no joke and you need to prevent it when young.

3) Images ideas- Consider lighting as well as wardrobe, pose and expression. 

Beats, will be bright with happy and excited expression. Headphone will be on persons ears and maybe hands on the two sides. The wardrobe will casual for both, for the Beats one the clothing may match the color of the Beats. Lighting for hearing loss will be dark and sad. Using sign language, hands behind the ears to show problem with hearing.

3) Results.

I love how my Beat’s shot came out because of how my model is in white and it contrast well with the rose gold headphones and pink background. I think the typography fit well in the spaces of the photo. The hearing loss photo is ok, it’s one of my weakest photos. It looks boring to me. It was a difficult concept to do with the little materials that we had.

1 thought on “Headphones & Hearing Loss

  1. rmichals

    I like your hearing loss piece quite a bit as you actually show Dimitri taking off the headphones. This is what the psa is trying to get people to do. His direct look at us and the positioning of the headphones on his forehead is anything but dull.


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