Social Media Addiction

  1. Summary: The article is about social media being an addiction and the people in charge of them are making it addictive. Many people can’t quit Facebook because they have a fear of missing out and even if they are not interested in it, all their friends and families are on there so you are Facebook for them. Youtube is like a TV but with a lot more channels. All of the social networking sites have click bait that draws you right in.
  2. Communication Problem: Social media is an addiction to many and people are on it everyday.
  3. Image Ideas: A group of people sucked into their phones. A person sitting in the middle surrounded by hands holding phones on different social medias.
  4. Results: I love the expression of my model and I love how the phones are beaming light out on to his face in the darkness with the black backdrop. It shows how people who stay up in the odd hours of the night just browsing through social media and getting entertained by it.

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