Final Project. Go #plasticfree

For my final project I chose the topic of recycling of plastic bags. Since my major is advertising I would like to make a campaign which will exposes the problem and drives to an action. It will include hashtag #plasticfree, The 5 Gyres Institute logo, website link.


  1. The mood of the text is serious, shocking and it pushes to an action.
  2. My audience is men and women, age range 18-60.
  3. The approach is literal.
  4. I am thinking of including photo of people for one idea and using still life for other.
  5. Male and female models
  6.  Ideas will include plastic bags for first photo shoot and reusable bags for second one.
  7. 2:1 or 4:1 lightning ratio


For my final project I had 3 photo shoots with different ideas. First photo shoot and the following  included still-life  and the goal was to “set up” the problem of recycling plastic bags. I used a small globe and plastic bags for showing a ratio of the problem. First two visual solutions have dramatic light set up and minimum Photoshop manipulations. Second two visual solutions have smaller light ratio and photos are not that dominant in the final campaign. I blended original photos with a plastic texture and it gave a filling of a polluted ocean’s bed. Also I added a few simple silhouettes of plastic bags for enhancing the filling. In my opinion this two visual solutions best articulate the problem.

Last photo shoot was meant to “set up” a possible positive solution. In my version of the solution I am pushing people towards not using plastic bags and instead start using reusable bags. Portraits look light and happy.


One thought on “Final Project. Go #plasticfree

  1. rmichals

    I would suggest using one of the articles that are cited as sources for this short pledge statement instead. A longer piece will suggest more imagery and give you more to work with.

    I agree that this is an important issue and I am glad that you picked it. That sad, plastic bags are ugly and tremendously difficult to photograph and make visually engaging. I would suggest doing one scenario with someone shopping with a reusable bag. Something that can look attractive and for the other scenario light white plastic bags like glass.


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