Final Project (Repurpose)


Due to rapid climate change, animal species around the globe are going extinct. However, because of the diversity of life on the planet, predicting which species are at greatest risk is a difficult task. Some creatures will not be impacted severely in the near future, while others will disappear outright if measures are not taken to lessen the damage done to the global ecosystem. If patterns continue to follow their trend, the rates of extinctions will increase thusly, threatening all forms of life regardless given enough time.

Image Ideas: Still life of a globe, acrylic ice and water to simulate melting. Copy: “It’s Not Too Late”. Dire lighting, dark and moody and dramatic. Conversely, harsh light can be a metaphor for the unchecked heat trapped in the planet’s atmosphere and can be paired with effects done in post, such as backgrounds of burning forests and bodies of water that have been rendered dry due to changing weather patterns.


Paper towels, acrylic ice, water bottle (with water) globe


First Week Results:

I found that the globe was very reflective in this week’s shoot. Most of the shots are marred with a glare that has to be rectified for next week’s shoot. There are a few salvageable photographs that can be given a type treatment, but the idea still has some room to grow and be realized.


Second Week Results:

The reflectivity of the globe was mitigated this week through distancing of light sources and a more complimentary setup that allowed for more dynamic photography. The ice was used more effectively by being stuck to the globe, keeping the base out of the shot entirely while there was a greater emphasis on running water and falling ice. The use of colored backgrounds also make the resulting photographs eye catching and impactful.

Third Week Results:

The third week was spent pursuing the idea of photographing a polar bear and penguin without a preliminary concept as to how this would be done. After a thankfully brief period of experimentation, a concept of shooting the water in a tray with the ice and animals emerged and led to some strong results which utilize the strengths of still life photography. The water, ice and subjects warranted some interesting lighting setups and poses that ended up being very convincing.

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