“she being Brand” & “Coming Home, Detroit, 1968”

Summary: “she being brand” by e.e cummings is a relatable poem to anyone that has a car of first love. Cummings describes the car in this poem as if it was a beautiful women.  I found it very interesting that there are some many human personalities that a person can give to a car.

“Coming Home, Detroit, 1968” by Phillip Levine this small excerpt talks about how a daily drive through the city of Detroit has gotten so bad that its a challenge just to drive though the streets. Where he even explains that the rivers stop at the concrete floor of the city. and how the smog from the factories cover up the rays of the sun. Overall this is a good way of opening peoples eyes and tell them about the harm they bring with all these factories and cars.

Communication problem: For the poem should communicate a sensual feeling. something relatable where a warm color palette is used. As for the second story, the image should show the dominance  of cars and industry.

Image Ideas: For the poem I imagine a close crop of a car, with a bright pink or red to show sensuality. To give a warm and inviting feeling. For the story I imagine a small group of cars facing one large car to show how society lines up to a greater industrial power. With a dark and cool color scheme it should be easy to portray.

Results: For “she bing brand” the image came out light and sensual. It starts to resemble a album cover. Overall though I feel it portrays e.e cumming poem fairly. As for Phillip Levine’s story I lined up the car to look as if it was a car meet. I looks like a military brigade getting ready to storm a city. The dark color tone show how strong the car industry really is.

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