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Final project: Can we end poverty? (edited)

For my Final Project I will address a topic that keeps me motivated and should inspire people to do well for others, I am talking about the global poverty rate. For most people (in my opinion) that think poverty is just a part of reality, that it just can be helped; to them i say “you are wrong”. The current rate of poverty is plummeting, it is now lower than 10% of the world population. Now I know 10% doesn’t sound like much, but to put it into better perspective thats around 7.4 million people that still live in poverty. Thats 1 million short from the population of the entire state of New York. Of course this is just my view. Through the use of this article posted on the BBC global site, I will attempt to create my view of how possibly impactful this article can be with its statistics and all.

Image 1)

  • The tone will be some what depressing, a feeling that will make you sick that this view of poverty actually exists.
  • The target audience would be the socially conscious middle aged person.
  • A very literal approach
  • The text would be an excerpt from the article, maybe a statistic value of the poverty rate.

Image 2)

  • The tone will be a thought of possibility, where something seems possible.
  • The target audience, optimistic people and millennials
  • a more dramatized meaning of optimism
  • the only text will be the title of the article “Is it possible to end global poverty?”

“she being Brand” & “Coming Home, Detroit, 1968”

Summary: “she being brand” by e.e cummings is a relatable poem to anyone that has a car of first love. Cummings describes the car in this poem as if it was a beautiful women.  I found it very interesting that there are some many human personalities that a person can give to a car.

“Coming Home, Detroit, 1968” by Phillip Levine this small excerpt talks about how a daily drive through the city of Detroit has gotten so bad that its a challenge just to drive though the streets. Where he even explains that the rivers stop at the concrete floor of the city. and how the smog from the factories cover up the rays of the sun. Overall this is a good way of opening peoples eyes and tell them about the harm they bring with all these factories and cars.

Communication problem: For the poem should communicate a sensual feeling. something relatable where a warm color palette is used. As for the second story, the image should show the dominance  of cars and industry.

Image Ideas: For the poem I imagine a close crop of a car, with a bright pink or red to show sensuality. To give a warm and inviting feeling. For the story I imagine a small group of cars facing one large car to show how society lines up to a greater industrial power. With a dark and cool color scheme it should be easy to portray.

Results: For “she bing brand” the image came out light and sensual. It starts to resemble a album cover. Overall though I feel it portrays e.e cumming poem fairly. As for Phillip Levine’s story I lined up the car to look as if it was a car meet. I looks like a military brigade getting ready to storm a city. The dark color tone show how strong the car industry really is.

topic six: Potatoes

Summary: The article goes over many key points like how some potatoes are bing registered as Monsanto patent, how most potatoes are being genetically engineered to make them look bigger and taste better, and how their now being registered as pesticides. WAIT WHAT PESTICIDES!!! How can any company even approve of this, when people are being sold potatoes filled with tons of harmful chemicals that can possibly hurt our own human bodies.

Communication Problem: For The Botany of Desire, the images should show how labs are altering the genetics of the potatoes we see on a day to day basis.

For the Idaho potato ad I figured it should use a warm color scheme and a natural looking color.

Image ideas: For The Botany of Desire, I image a hand using a syringe to inject the potato with harmful fluids. The scenery should resemble something like a lab. For the Idaho potato, placing the potatoes in a way where it looks like a family and a warm yellow or orange background.

Car poems

“She being Brand” by e.e Cummings

Summary: This poem is like the first time you get a car and like the first time you make love. There are several parts where the author talks about “oh and her gears being in A 1 shape” and “I touched the accelerator and gave her the juice;good”, it was after hearing the poem that i really got the sense of the poem. this middle aged man is riding his car for the first time in a while and is describing the car like a women.

Image Ideas: Using an old time car from 1900-1940, i will prop two cars in a way so it resembles a human action. Using primarily red colors to give that sense of lust and romance between a person and their car, or between two cars.


“Coming Home, Detroit” by Phillip Levine

Summary: This poem is more dramatic in the setting and story. this talks primarily about the modernization of the city of Detroit and how the pollution of all the factories and cars are making the skies more polluted and the river reaching their end by the color of iron. The poem gives a very dramatic way of a ride through the city becoming an eye-opener for this man driving is car to work (work= everyday)

Image Ideas: Using grey color scheme I will show how cars and modern society is killing the natural environment on a daily basis.

Whats the point of college? Utility

Before Photo shoot:
The article goes over a lot of key points on weather or not college is made for the free thinker (utopia) or the by the book everyday joe (utility). The Idea of utility is described by following the rules, going to classes everyday, business educated and follows a strong impression of everyone leaving school and getting a 9-5 job. For my take on how to show the utility of college I will attempt to capture a busy environment with students either studying or something school related. Also the color of the photo will primarily be gray or brown.

Communication Problem:How do you show school in a efficient and self sustaining view? As students this should just be an image of our everyday lives.

After Photo shoot:
I captured myself walking to school with students passing by. the primary colors are grey and blue. The lighting was natural and it was shot low angle. The main reason why I feel that this describes utility is because students go to school everyday to educate themselves on the important matters of todays society, its less personal to the student and more focused on the education system.

Lower Manhattan Revival

Before Photo shoot:
The article on the lower Manhattan revival goes many differences and changes over the years such as the new Freedom towers, the area becoming more culturally open and the diversity the location leaves it open for change for the future. My main idea for this shoot is to let people know that the lower Manhattan area is more than just the freedom tower and wall street. So through the use of bright and vibrant colors i would like to capture small areas in lower Manhattan and give it a more independent vibe.

Communication Problem: How do you show the lower Manhattan area in a bright light, without making it all about the Freedom tower? The lower Manhattan area branches out all the way to Tribeca, wall street and many more other neighborhoods.

After Photo shoot:
I managed to get two separate shoots to help express this articles ideas, one of the lower manhattan area between Tribeca and wall street, and the other being about the freedom tower being rebuilt. I didn’t edit the light because the day was bright and beautiful. I edited the vibrance of the colors and the clarity of it. The same was done for the one with the freedom tower. Overall I feel like I captured the essence of the article appropriately.

Social media addiction

Before Photo Shoot:
As a person who uses social media on an everyday basis, this article affected me personally. From the idea that social media addiction can be as serious as an addiction with heroine. So my idea is to follow something that we as people need on an everyday basis and substitute that with social media usage. For color i would primarily stick with cool colors such as blu and green maybe, also a darker tone to show more drama in my shots.

Communication Problem: How do you show addiction? Through many ways you can show an attatchment to something, but an addiction is usually and uncontrollable urge to have something in an instant.

After Photo Shoot:
I used my idea and substitute Sleep for social media usage. Using a photo of my friends laying down on a bed looking at her phone i accomplish my photo idea. the color is primarily blue and black, in a dark tone the message of this ad resembles typical rehab advertisements. Overall the idea of comparing social media addiction to a drug addiction seems to me a bit to far fetched so by not making it seem that sever i didn’t use anything to make that connection.

Topic four: Headphones and hearing loss ad

Headphone Ad

Before Photo shoot:
For the second headphone ad that we are doing, we are Advertising the headphone company. There are a lot of big music companies that make headphones, so depending on which headphone I will use will also decide the feel for the color and tone of the advertisement.

Communication problem: How do you show a good headphone ad without blowing up the logo all over the page? Also avoiding copying the styles of the headphone company.

After Photo shoot:
I ended up using the Turtle beach headphones for my advertisement, by using a classmate of mine as a model it came out rather well. The color scheme was black and green which is the same color of the headphones. With the logo of the brand in the corner it is a simple but effective way of showing their target demographic and a good ad overall.

Hearing loss Ad

Before Photo shoot:
As a big time headphone user this article really opened my ears to final understand that playing loud music can diminish your hearing by more than half by the time you reach 40. So this gave me opportunity to use my class mates to show the severity of headphone users. The main color idea i have in mind is for it to be dark and serious.

Communication problem: How do you show sound if you can see it? Describing something you can’t even see or understand how serious it is for people with such difficulty can be tough.

After Photo shoot:
My final photo followed my main idea of having a serious tone with a dark color scheme. My classmate is holding the headphone as if he is about to take them off. The color is primarily dark because of the black background. The text accompanying the ad helps give more understanding on the image and it works well since it give its own description. Overall this was a good ad and big ear opener.

What is the point of college? Utopia


Before Photo shoot:
The article goes over a lot of key points on weather or not college is made for the free thinker (utopia) or the by the book everyday joe (utility). The idea of utopia to me scream out individuality. For my take on this I will attempt to capture a student working on a personal project or anything that they are inspired by. The color scheme should be uplifting and bright.

Communication Problem: How do you show school in a positive way where it works for the students benefit. Also avoiding the typical idea that the campus might be beautiful or similar takes to that.

After Photo shoot:
I captured myself working on a project that is represented by the cardboard Brooklyn bridge. The primary color is a tan brown and yellow from the indoor lighting. The angle is lightly lower than eye level. To me this shows utopia because it show me working on my passion and the smile on my face gives an uplifting feeling. This could have been represented better with different lighting and maybe if it was out of the hallway and in a classroom.