Final project: Can we end poverty? (edited)

For my Final Project I will address a topic that keeps me motivated and should inspire people to do well for others, I am talking about the global poverty rate. For most people (in my opinion) that think poverty is just a part of reality, that it just can be helped; to them i say “you are wrong”. The current rate of poverty is plummeting, it is now lower than 10% of the world population. Now I know 10% doesn’t sound like much, but to put it into better perspective thats around 7.4 million people that still live in poverty. Thats 1 million short from the population of the entire state of New York. Of course this is just my view. Through the use of this article posted on the BBC global site, I will attempt to create my view of how possibly impactful this article can be with its statistics and all.

Image 1)

  • The tone will be some what depressing, a feeling that will make you sick that this view of poverty actually exists.
  • The target audience would be the socially conscious middle aged person.
  • A very literal approach
  • The text would be an excerpt from the article, maybe a statistic value of the poverty rate.

Image 2)

  • The tone will be a thought of possibility, where something seems possible.
  • The target audience, optimistic people and millennials
  • a more dramatized meaning of optimism
  • the only text will be the title of the article “Is it possible to end global poverty?”

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