Whats the point of college? Utility

Before Photo shoot:
The article goes over a lot of key points on weather or not college is made for the free thinker (utopia) or the by the book everyday joe (utility). The Idea of utility is described by following the rules, going to classes everyday, business educated and follows a strong impression of everyone leaving school and getting a 9-5 job. For my take on how to show the utility of college I will attempt to capture a busy environment with students either studying or something school related. Also the color of the photo will primarily be gray or brown.

Communication Problem:How do you show school in a efficient and self sustaining view? As students this should just be an image of our everyday lives.

After Photo shoot:
I captured myself walking to school with students passing by. the primary colors are grey and blue. The lighting was natural and it was shot low angle. The main reason why I feel that this describes utility is because students go to school everyday to educate themselves on the important matters of todays society, its less personal to the student and more focused on the education system.

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