topic six: Potatoes

Summary: The article goes over many key points like how some potatoes are bing registered as Monsanto patent, how most potatoes are being genetically engineered to make them look bigger and taste better, and how their now being registered as pesticides. WAIT WHAT PESTICIDES!!! How can any company even approve of this, when people are being sold potatoes filled with tons of harmful chemicals that can possibly hurt our own human bodies.

Communication Problem: For The Botany of Desire, the images should show how labs are altering the genetics of the potatoes we see on a day to day basis.

For the Idaho potato ad I figured it should use a warm color scheme and a natural looking color.

Image ideas: For The Botany of Desire, I image a hand using a syringe to inject the potato with harmful fluids. The scenery should resemble something like a lab. For the Idaho potato, placing the potatoes in a way where it looks like a family and a warm yellow or orange background.

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