Summary: This article is about the transition from normal farming to genetically engineered foods. In this article specifically the food thats being genetically engineered is potatoes. It talks about how farmers need to use chemicals and pesticides to grow the amount of food we need and those things can be really harmful. Genetical engineers are trying to find a way to manipulate the DNA of the potatoes so they can protect themselves from those chemicals.

Communication Problem: For The Botany of Desire should show the genetically engineered side. The Idaho add should be the complete opposite earth tones and bright. It should be what you naturally think about when you think about farms.

Image Ideas: Potato being injected with chemicals. Making the potatoes look huge like genetically engineered ones do.

Image Results: I was happy with my results. I was about to take a photo of a potato with a syringe on plexiglass to make with reflective. And for my Idaho I used a photo of a potato and added a farm background to it and made the potato look big.

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