Human Trafficking In Our Own Backyards

Summary: Human trafficking is not only a problem of other countries. In America over 300,000 women, children and men are pulled in sex industry. The number is shocking! After escaping the sex industry people experiencing heavy  PTSD syndrome which makes the adaptation to the normal life is very difficult.

Communication Problem: The problem of human trafficking is a big issue. The problem should be expose to all people. Images should be dramatic and should push to an action which can help resolve the problem.

Image Ideas: 1. Group portraits of young people with high light ratio. Someone covers his face with hands. 2. Broken toy in woman’s hands like a symbol of children trafficking.

Results: My final approach is slight different from the  article. I chose children trafficking as my primary topic. All three images has the same style: dark background, high light ratio and the same stuffing animal. I found that UNICEF has special program named “End Trafficking”  and I decided to use it for my headline.



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