Topic 2. The Lower Manhattan Revival

Summary: The article talks about significant changes in Lower Manhattan after the unforgivable tragedy of September 11. The new One World Trade Center represents all phases of dealing with a tragedy: mourning, accepting the continuation of life, planing the future, learning to become better, proving to yourself and other the power of resilience. Ā Changes happened not only in the neighborhood’s landscape, but in the population it occupies. Down town Manhattan became a vibrant part of the city not an offices area alone. The new One World Trade Center serves as part of Ā the healing process of the area, the city and the nation. It shows that people and our country need and can resolve.
Communication problem: The image should show harmony between busy, urban neighborhood andĀ  silence memorial complex. Improving area exist next to “peoples painā€. The ability of resolving however hard it is. Human happiness next to emotional past.
Image Ideas: Dynamic composition of architecture, interesting and unexpected angles, emotions of neighbors. Contrast between 2 different places existing next to each other.Ā The new One World Trade CenterĀ Ā as a symbols of the emotional resolve of American people.

Results:Ā  It was hard to choose an image. I selected two differentĀ  photos which in my opinion represent the article in the best way. First image shows a bag with workingĀ  tools and at the background we can see the museum of 9/11 next to other store signs. For getting such an angle I almost lied down on the ground and the result had justified itself. The font face reminds me of a store sign and I think it complements the photo well.Ā  Second photo communicates in a different tone. In the middle we can see a delivery guy in red short walking with red flowers. Red color looks festive and noticeable and I think it can symbolize result of theĀ emotional resolve of American people. I enjoyed the class trip a lot and I am happy with my photo results.

2 thoughts on “Topic 2. The Lower Manhattan Revival

  1. rmichals

    I really respect that both your photo treatments are fresh ideas. The flower delivery man suggests a metaphor for things getting better, looking up. All the ugly plastic around the flowers visually kills it though. The tool belt is another great idea to suggest renovation and work being done to make things better. It however doesn’t quite read. I know you have good photoshop skills. Can you make the background less distracting and also maybe separate the wood in someway from the tool belt so that we really focus on the hammer and the belt itself? I would also use simple type for this.

    1. Yuliya Karovina Post author

      I did get the description of the assignment wrong it is Why I posted 2 photos. Personally I like photo with flowers more. In my opinion it delivers the articles idea the best. I got some comments in class about cropping the photo a bit because some of the students got in the focus. I think the busy composition works pretty well but if you think differently, please let me know.


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