Topic 3: Health Care for All

Kinds of Photography: Health Care companies use a lot of individual and group portraits, full body shots. People look happy enjoining spending time with families, friends, doing excises or just walking in a park. Usually image shows simple things of everyday’s life which can be impossible with illnesses or injures. We can see a lot of natural light on photos and usually an outdoor environment.  Age groups: senior people,  young people, families.

Communication Problem: Taking a photo for Health Care for All in photo studio can be challenging because it is more common to use natural light and an outdoor location. The goal is to show happiness and positive emotions.

Image Ideas: Group shots, showing relationships between members in a group.  Using a lot of studio lights to make it look closer to the natural light.  I might change the background image to more fitting image.

Results: The final image has a different approach from my image ideas. I have decided not to use group shots and not to change the background. However the chosen  image communicates in a clear way. The face expression shows confidence and  it fits the AD. The ball in hands,  which is also was used like a graphic element  emphasizes the name of the insurance company  and brings the attention. All and all the design looks clear,  interesting and it can deliver the message clearly.

1 thought on “Topic 3: Health Care for All

  1. rmichals

    Your observation that health care ads tend to use outdoor locations is a good one. There is somehow an association between being healthy and spending time outdoors that these companies want to claim as part of the experience of buying health insurance from them. That said, the image you used for your ad uses tight cropping and a confident, knowing expression to communicate both a sophistication and a certainty on the part of the customer that it would appeal to a health insurance company marketing executive.


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