Topic six: The botany of Desire by Michael Pollan

Summary: The article brings to the discussion one of the most important topics of modern agriculture. Genetic engineering became a main tool of getting good harvests and good profit for main agriculture companies such Monsanto. Potato which programmed to protect itself from a bacteria and registered like a pesticide itself is not the best option for anyone except monopolistic companies which control the nature process from “the seed to the dinner”. The author doesn’t give any solution but rather questioning the whole current agricultural technology.

Communication problem: Contrast between expectations and the real life. The well-known potato can be not what we see and taste but something artificial and technological. Idaho potato: using the same potato in positive way, showing the good side of it.

Image ideas: Potato like a part of technological world. I think it can be powerful if I will place some facts from the article on my final image. My main idea is to show potato like part of something different that we know. For  Idaho ad:  lower light contrast, using a lot of light.

Results: For the Botany of Desire image I used dark background and high light ratio. The reflection from the back complements the image. The medical glove and zip lock bag gives feeling of something artificial and not natural. For the headline I used font with floral elements and it has contrast with the image. For the Idaho Ad I chose lighter image with soft background gradient. I did some manipulation in the Photoshop: such changing the color of my watch from red to green, added transparent image of a green leaf and changing the color of hart on the potato.  The Idaho Ad looks green, healthy and natural.


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