What Is the Point of College? Utility U. vs. Utopia U.

Summary: The author Kwame Anthony talks about the education system from many different sides. One of his main points is dividing vision focuses on college. Utility U. and Utopia U. are two different groups of perceiving the higher education.

Communication problem: The goals and the way how Utility U. and Utopia U. getting ready for the life out of the college  not quite similar. One group is pretty ordered and conservative with self-expression when other is more artistic and free in making choices.

Image Ideas: For this assignment I would like to use that difference between two groups. Conservative vs. Free. I would like to show that difference in a conceptual way and not  to show the obvious  gap between  conservative and contemporary thinking . I might use some photoshop technique or enhance my idea using a font type.

Results: Before starting the photo shoot me and my partner, Clifford Harry have discussed all  concepts of each idea. During the discussion we chose and improved one of ideas and began the production. I strongly believe that we succeed with the results. The images talk in abstract way, bringing a new interpretative level of the main article’s idea.

2 thoughts on “What Is the Point of College? Utility U. vs. Utopia U.

  1. rmichals

    I certainly encourage taking a conceptual approach. I think the interpretation of Utopia U as having a conversation with yourself is a good one. I think the three figures however muddy the water a bit. I also like the idea that Utility U turns out identical cookie cutter students. Wardrobe could have made this idea much clearer.


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