Social Media Addiction

Summary: The article shows the other side of using social media. It is addicting and it was design to be addicting. Most of us use social media without understanding that we actually can’t live without checking our social accounts. It is good parts in social media too: getting resent news, staying up-to-date with our family and friends but the bottom line is in when the same social media starts affecting our lives. Here just a few examples: buying things which we might not need, getting disturbed from work, spending less time with our families and friends. I read a few more articles about the same problem and one of them claimed that posting happy pictures and seeing happy pictures from others can actually  lead to a depression state because no one likes to share his failure or not positive things from his live. We want to keep that happy image about ourselves which sometimes can be different from the reality. I think that the main problem of being addicted to social media that virtual life takes over the real one and the virtual life is so convenient,  tempting and entertaining just in one click…

Communication Problem: Showing social media in awkward situations. Showing addiction from social media and making everyone to connect himself with the photo. Exaggeration

Image Ideas: Group shot of friend using phones instead real communications. Showing awkward usage of likes and other FB attributes such emoji. Additional acquirement: pink sunglasses like symbol of a fake reality.

Result: The final image has a different concept from my initial idea. During the photo shoot in the studio I got a comment from David that the sunglasses looked more negative rather than a symbol of a fake reality. I decided to use this observation to build my new concept. Also I changed color of the coat to red in Photoshop for enhancing the “danger feeling”. I think I represented the social media addiction itself in the final image.

1 thought on “Social Media Addiction

  1. rmichals

    I think your result does describe a fake reality: the vanity and pleasure one gets from likes on social media that can be utterly unrelated to any actual accomplishment or connection with others.


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