This is an ad from Procter & Gamble for Mother’s Day. In this advertisement, a smiling mother and daughter are cleaning. Below is Procter & Gamble’s mascot “Mr. clean”. On the left is the most controversial part of this advertisement, which reads “this mother’s day, get back to the job that really matters.” I think the slogan in this advertisement is a stereotype of women. Cleaning the house is not only women’s job, let alone is a really matters job for women, Men can also do it. What disgusts me most is that in the advertisement, the mother is teaching her daughter how to clean. Combined with the slogan in the advertisement, it’s like sending the wrong stereotype to the younger child.

This is the advertisement for Nivea. In this advertisement, a girl with long hair in a white shirt looks out of the window, and the slogan of this advertisement is “white is purity”, there are other slogans below “keep it clean, keep bright. Don’t let anything ruin it.” I think this advertisement is suspected of expressing the racist thought of white supremacy. Although white may give people a feeling of purity, cleanliness, and peace, but when “white is purity” is combined with the characters in the advertisement, people will feel that it is expressing that only white people are purity.

This is an advertisement for Coca-Cola. In this advertisement, the designer uses a black man’s hand, a white manβ€˜s hand and a red coke bottle cover to form the shape of a coke bottle. In this advertisement, there is no Coca-Cola product, not even the name of Coca-Cola, but the audience can be recognized through the shape of negative space and the red theme color. I think the designers may do this to highlight that their products are suitable for everyone.