The goal of the Final Project is to create a series of 10 related images on a theme of your choice.

Final Project Statement– Post to OpenLab by May 3, 12 noon

Topic: What is it about? What genre of photography interests you and would you like to explore: street photography, food photography, portrait photography

What purpose will it serve in your portfolio? Do you want to highlight your

conceptual thinking, your design sense, your lighting skills

Subject Matter: Literally what will you shoot?

Style: What will it look like? How will you use photographic style to communicate

emotion and point of view? Find at least one example and include at least one

image with your description.

Lighting: how will you light your project? This may be daylight.

Create a mood board for your project-use Instagram or an internet search to find 6 photographs by 6 different photographers that look like what you want the photos in your final project to look like. Use Milanote and include the link to the moodboard in your openlab post.

Due Week 13, May 10, Shoot 1 – minimum of 30 images in an album on Flickr and mood board

Due Week 14, May 17, Shoot 2 – minimum of 30 images in an album on Flickr

Due Week 15, May 24: Shoot 3 – minimum of 30 images in an album on Flickr

  • final 10 images selected, adjusted in Lightroom, and posted to an album on Flickr
  • a presentation to the class of the final images.


Jennifer Humala


Ramelvis De La Cruz


Rany Selem