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Final Project + Mood Board

Thinking back on the assignments we have completed over the last ten weeks, my favorite one was taking portraits. For my final project, I will compile ten people, varying from young to old. I will be using lighting and expression to convey a variety of moods.

The rawness of human faces is something that I have always found so beautiful to photograph, so I decided to combine that with some of the people I hold close to my heart. Using a blank white background, colored lights, natural lighting, and bright lamps, I want to convey many moods by having my models make different facial expressions. I want to use little to no props, making their facial features the main subject. Adding a hand or two can enhance the emotion I want to represent. The models will have free reign to do their hair and makeup however they want (if desired) but are told to wear a black T-shirt with no print.

I took into consideration my schedule and the access I have, which led me to decide to take the pictures in my house and use my family and friends as my models. I want to use a combination of different lighting, so I plan on shooting during the day while the sun is out and while the sun is setting to get warm-toned natural lighting. I also plan on shooting at night while using LED lights to make the room a different color and bright lamps to create a shadow.

For the shoot, I plan on using a DSLR camera and my phone to see which gives the best results. When using the camera, I will experiment with the ISO, the shutter speed, and the aperture to play with the lighting. The models will have their faces at different angles, such as front, 3/4, and side profiles, and I will also be moving around. Going closer to fill the frame, shooting right below the chest

Final Project Statement and Mood Board

For my final project, I decided to take photos in Chinatown and capture the busy markets in the streets. I have decided to take the pictures when the sun has just set. One day I was passing through Chinatown at sunset and was intrigued by how bright the lights in the markets were. Everything seemed clearer to me and made me focus on what was more important, the customers and the sellers in the food markets. The dark night in contrast to the very bright lights was very eye-catching as opposed to if I were to be in the same area during the day. In this final project, I will do closeups and catch everyone frozen in motion as well. For example, I will take a picture of the salesman yelling the price of the fish or a buyer bagging the vegetables. There was a common theme in almost all the stores, which was the color red. I liked that this was consistent throughout the whole street, which can keep my photos steady when it comes to the theme. There will be photos of patterns and symmetry as well considering there are arrays of products displayed out for everyone to see and be intrigued by.

Steve Starer

Jannis Werner


Gary Burke

Mo Riza

Le Cercle Rouge

Josh Bassett

Gary Burke

Alice Grim

Final Project

20 pts. The goal of the Final Project is to create a series of 10 related images on a theme. The images should show your range as a photographer. Depending on the project, each image should be visually engaging and contribute to your story in a unique way.

You may choose to do either:

A series of portraits (not 10 pictures of 1 person but 10 pictures of 10 people) OR

A portrait of a neighborhood

OR another theme that you are passionate about: dogs, skateboarders, basketball players, street fashion to name a few possibilities.

Deliverables and dates:

Due Week 11: Nov 8 – a 300 word final project statement posted to Openlab with “a mood board”

No class Nov 22

Due Nov 29: Shoot 1 – minimum of 40 images in an album on Flickr

Due Dec 6: Shoot 2 – minimum of 40 images in an album on Flickr

Reading Day – Dec 13

Due Dec 20: Shoot 3 -minimum of 40 images in an album on Flickr PLUS

  • final 10 images selected, adjusted in Lightroom, and posted to an album on Flickr
  • a presentation to the class of the final images.

Total = 4 albums: 1 for each of three shoots, 1 with the final edited images

All coursework must be submitted by no later than 11:59 pm on Wednesday, December 20, 2023.

HW 9: Environmental Portraits

4 pts. Due Nov 15, 12 noon.

Shoot a total of 30 environmental portraits of three different subjects- 10 each. 

Environmental Portrait-is a photograph of a person in their environment. It usually shows their whole body in a place that is meaningful to them.  This could be their home or workplace or neighborhood. The surroundings illuminate something about the  subject’s life.

When shooting indoors, remember keep the shutter speed faster than 1/60. Better the raise the ISO. It may be too dark. If so, change the location!

When shooting outdoors, shoot in diffused light: either shade or cloudy weather.

Make sure that there is light on your subject’s face.

Environmental portrait examples:


  • Contextual
  • Dynamic

Final Project Statement & Mood Board Brianna B.

A Contemporary Perspective on Black Fashion

I took some time and planned to photograph today’s fast-paced world. The relevance of pop culture and new fashion trends cannot be overstated new things are happening every day, especially in NYC. I plan to deliver an intricate insight into the relationship between Fashion Statements and African American Culture while highlighting the contemporary trends of popular culture, the interesting, the weird, and things you may have seen before. I have a deep feeling for fashion photography in some weird way; it speaks to me and makes me feel alive by capturing people in their unique styles and their confidence in what they are wearing, I get to have instant insight into who are and how you carry yourself through fashion it’s kind of like a mini telepathic interview without you even speaking. In this age of constant communication and visual communication it influences our societal aesthetics so photographing these trends of fashion allows us to examine how much the media and societal changes have influenced us to individually shape and express our identities. In a way not only am I capturing the style of these models, but their voices are being heard through this digital outlet. I feel like diversity has always been an area of lack in the fashion industry from casting models to looking past sheer talent because of one’s background or skin. In recent years, I feel like modern society has challenged the fashion industry to become more inclusive; it’s been refreshing to witness many creatives of color being given their moment. Fashion plays a huge role in our lives and allows us to be brave and express ourselves so why not show it off and show people who you are, those artistic visions have always been there they just needed an opportunity to take off and stand out.

Final Project Statement and Mood Board

My project will focus on a place in Manhattan, this place is called Union Square Park, and I want to photograph what the area is like and showcase the neighborhood and the people there. I chose Union Square Park because it’s the place I go to the most in Manhattan. For the shoot, I will do one during mid-day, the other one early in the morning, and the other one in the evening, showing the place at different times, which can show different emotions and moods. The theme might be showing the everyday life in the area, such as showing what type of stuff goes on there and what type of people are there in the neighborhood, if there is an event I might showcase that because sometimes in Union Square Park events is going on and there’s a lot of gathering at the park area. The nightlife is also beautiful since it’s in the city and if there’s an event going on at night, the photos will have good lighting. Overall I want to show the daily life that goes on in Union Square Park.

One of the assignments that I enjoyed the most was the one we did in the second week, which was “Composition: The Frame and Angle of View.” So I wanna try different angles, such as bird’s eye view, and low angle, I also wanna show the shot, as a close shot, medium shot, and more. I also want to try freezing motion, especially if there are street performers. Another assignment that I enjoyed doing was on the fourth week, which was, “Aperture and Depth of Field.” I might show the shallow depth of field, at the park in Union Square Park, and show the extensive depth of field of showcasing the whole park and the neighborhood.

New York Street Scenes - Rainy Night in New York City
Steven Pisano :
Maya Reyes :
Aerial View of Times Square, New York
Bruce Ota:
John Scarpulla:
street performance
Angela and Andrew:
New York Street Scene
Edward Liu:
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