Robin Michals | COMD 1340 Photography 1

Final Project Statement and Mood Board

My project will focus on a place in Manhattan, this place is called Union Square Park, and I want to photograph what the area is like and showcase the neighborhood and the people there. I chose Union Square Park because it’s the place I go to the most in Manhattan. For the shoot, I will do one during mid-day, the other one early in the morning, and the other one in the evening, showing the place at different times, which can show different emotions and moods. The theme might be showing the everyday life in the area, such as showing what type of stuff goes on there and what type of people are there in the neighborhood, if there is an event I might showcase that because sometimes in Union Square Park events is going on and there’s a lot of gathering at the park area. The nightlife is also beautiful since it’s in the city and if there’s an event going on at night, the photos will have good lighting. Overall I want to show the daily life that goes on in Union Square Park.

One of the assignments that I enjoyed the most was the one we did in the second week, which was “Composition: The Frame and Angle of View.” So I wanna try different angles, such as bird’s eye view, and low angle, I also wanna show the shot, as a close shot, medium shot, and more. I also want to try freezing motion, especially if there are street performers. Another assignment that I enjoyed doing was on the fourth week, which was, “Aperture and Depth of Field.” I might show the shallow depth of field, at the park in Union Square Park, and show the extensive depth of field of showcasing the whole park and the neighborhood.

New York Street Scenes - Rainy Night in New York City
Steven Pisano :
Maya Reyes :
Aerial View of Times Square, New York
Bruce Ota:
John Scarpulla:
street performance
Angela and Andrew:
New York Street Scene
Edward Liu:

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  1. rmichals

    Union Square park is a good subject for your project. The holiday market will be there at this time of year. There is also the farmers market, the chess players, the other vendors and if you are lucky street performers and maybe protestors.The more you can highlight all these people and their activities the more interesting the project will be.

    Also think about how you can use the light in Union Square.

    Look at these by Ray Metzker:

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