Robin Michals | COMD 1340 Photography 1

Final Project Statement & Mood Board

My project is not just about capturing portraits; it’s a visual exploration of the connections and routines that shape my life. Each of the 10 people I have chosen holds a unique place in my heart, and by photographing them in my workplace at different times of the day, I am not only freezing moments in time but also revealing the subtleties of their personalities and the roles they play in my daily life.

Photography, as a medium, has the extraordinary ability to convey emotion and atmosphere. Shooting during the afternoon, with its warm, soft light, can emphasize the familiarity and comfort that these individuals bring to my routine. As the day transitions into night, the changing light can be used symbolically to represent the evolving nature of my relationships, as darkness falls and the workday winds down.

My reference to the compositional principles, as introduced by photographer Suzanne Stein, is a clever choice. The rule of thirds, for instance, helps create a balanced and aesthetically pleasing composition, guiding the viewer’s eye to the subjects. The “frame within a frame” technique adds depth and context, effectively capturing not just the person but the setting in which I connect with them. “Fill the frame” focuses solely on the subject, intensifying the viewer’s connection to the person. Lastly, the “dominant eye” technique can bring out the soulful essence of the people I am photographing, emphasizing their character and presence.

As I capture these individuals in their workplace, I am also documenting the intersection of my personal and professional lives. This blend adds a unique layer to my project, revealing the spaces where my bonds with these people unfold. It’s a testament to the richness of my daily life and the significance of these individuals in my journey.

In conclusion, my project is not just a series of portraits but a deep exploration of the connections and routines that shape my world. Through photography and the application of compositional techniques, I am telling a powerful narrative about the impactful faces in my life and the spaces where these bonds are nurtured, bridging the personal and professional aspects of my daily existence.

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  1. rmichals

    Great. This has a lot of potential.

    One thing is that Suzanne Stein largely shoots outside. If you are going to shoot in your workplace, think about where the light is going to come from. Are there windows? Can you step outside to take the photos? That will make the photos much better than if you are trying to work somewhere it is dark and or lit by an overhead light.

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