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For my final project I would like to take portraits of a neighborhood. The neighborhood I would like to use for this assignment is the Upper East Side.  The reason for this is because that is where I am originally from and there are a lot of people who have a “old money” look to them that I would love to capture as well as I believe that the rest of the class will pick something different and I want to stand out. The Upper East Side has some amazing locations that I feel are overlooked by people that do not live there . Some locations I would like to take pictures in are Carl Schurz park, Lexington Candy Shop and along Central Park east among other locations. I am planning to take pictures of places  and people that make me feel back at my old home. Some of the assignments that I really enjoyed are the second week’s assignment where the class had to take pictures in their room/house and find objects to take pictures and use the definitions of what makes a great picture, frame within a frame and rule of thirds ect. This assignment was great because it made me think like a photographer for the first time. It really made me fall in love with the process of taking pictures and never really putting much thought into it before I was surprised how much I enjoyed the process. Another assignment that I enjoyed was the one where we had to take pictures and then a few days later take the same pictures. It really made me think about perspective and how pictures will change over time. It made me think of the impressionist painters and how they would create paintings at different times to get different results. 

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  1. rmichals

    The Upper East Side is a fine topic. I hope you will capture the people as well as the places. or people in the places. You may want to narrow it down and just do Carl Schruz park or 86th St or Lex.

    Your examples are all pretty devoid of human presence.

    Take a look at this series by Richard Renaldi of shoppers and workers in Manhattan:

    Full disclosure: I grew up on the upper east side.

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