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Final Project Statement & Mood Board

Chelsea Neighborhood

For my final project I decided to photograph the neighborhood “Chelsea” in Manhattan, during the day and night scenes. I find this small neighborhood to be an interesting place to explore. You have the beautiful architecture in the little island by the pier, and it’s one of the most popular places to visit, walk around and be surrounded by different types of people. It’s a nature oasis mixed with a touch of innovative architecture designed by  Heatherwick Studio and the New York-based landscape architecture firm MNLA, led by Signe Nielsen, the park’s imaginative design offers all New Yorkers and visitors a new public space that is whimsical, captivating, and restorative. I’ve visited the little island, during summer and fall seasons and it’s one of my favorite places to hangout and relax while being in the city. Just around the corner, you’ll find Chelsea Market, a hub filled with diverse cuisines to try, from Italian to Asian foods. It’s one of the most popular places to visit for people who are foodies. I find Chelsea Market to be a historical neighborhood filled with beautiful classical architecture, and every single corner you walk through, you’ll find inspiration and beauty. I want to capture the beauty of the architecture in this neighborhood from the newest buildings that were recently constructed, to the oldest historical building in the neighborhood and showcase the culture and history of this neighborhood. The people that visit this neighborhood also add life to this place, because it’s one of the busiest places to be, you’ll find tourist visiting the neighborhood, to locals walking their dogs and Google employees walking to the offices in the neighborhood It is truly a fantastic place to visit because you’ll find all kinds of people here doing different things during the day and night. I would like to capture this as well in my photographs for my project as I explore this neighborhood and learn more from it.


Chelsea Neighborhood Moodboard

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  1. rmichals

    Chelsea is a pretty broad topic. I suggest selecting one aspect of the neighborhood like the highline or parks. You are going to be shooting this at the end of November and early December and it may just be cold and dreary in Little Island. Not like the summer when there is a lot going on there. If you do want to do parks, remember there is a skate park-Pier 62 Skate park – just north of Chelsea Piers that should have people actively using it even in November and December.

    A completely different approach to Chelsea would be the high end shops, reflections in the store windows and the shoppers. this might include the Market and the meatpacking district. Speaking of the meat packing district, take a look at these photos by Dina Litovsky:

    What I notice about the photos you put on your mood board is that the only one with people is the market. think aobut how to include people as it will make the project much more visually interesting.

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