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Final Project Proposal + Mood board

Thinking about the assignments that we have done so far, I feel like I enjoy taking pictures of buildings and city landscapes the most. For this final project, I would like to take pictures of Times Square in day and night settings. The theme I’m going for would be the contrast between the two halves of the day. What I feel like I have struggled with is capturing the light that comes off objects when I’m doing photography. I want to really be able to do justice to Times Square’s emphasis on lights popping out amongst the dark. In my photos I would like to compile different composition techniques using Times Square as a basis, these would include low angles, worms eye view, eye levels, high angles, obliques and etc. besides that, I would also like to try to merge the angles in a way so that buildings could reflect off of each other. I want at least a few images to be dynamic in ways that take the looker a minute to realize what I did with my camera.

While Times Square is nowhere near as interesting during the daytime, I feel like there are aspects I can definitely capture such as the way buildings might reflect onto each other or how the city might look during changes in weather. I especially want to capture Times Square after a rainy day, which is when I feel adds the most detail to the compositions. As of right now, I feel like taking trips to Times Square is something manageable in my schedule, I will be mostly taking these shots during weekends or whenever I am by the area, which so happens to be pretty often. This, and keeping in mind that I love walks around Times Square around nighttime, will allow me to be able actually take time to enjoy what kind of photos I will be taking.

HDR photo of Times Square at night in New York City. (Joey B. Lax Salinas)
View of Times Square at Night - Fine Art Photo / Print by Andrew Prokos
Times Square Billboard Photography at Nasdaq Closing Bell by Ben Hider
Times Square re:Imagined by Tomas Alvarez
Decade old images of Times Square revisited.
Times Square Reflection, Manhattan, GUILLAUME GAUDET
New York Taxis Times Square Photograph by David Pyatt - Fine Art America

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  1. rmichals

    Times Square is a great place to shoot. Everyone expects you to have a camera and no one cares if you take pictures of them. while some photos of the buildings will be interesting and of course at least one reflection, its the people in Times Square that make it what it is. this is true day or night. You will see people from every corner of the globe. think about how you can have people in the foreground with something of the location in the background.

    Take a look at these photos of young women out at night in the meatpacking district by Dina Livitsky:

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