Robin Michals | COMD 1340 Photography 1

Final Project statement

 I plan on taking pictures in Bryant Park as well as the New York Public Library. The park is small, but it will always be full of people, holiday cheer, and busy people. I choose Bryant Park because I have a lot of memories of working in the area and then hanging out in the park or library before going home. So, it would be nice to revisit the area and take pictures and use the tools I’ve learned in class.

My theme for this project will be the stress of living in New York in a pretty environment. I feel like people romanticize New York even though the people that live here have many issues with how it’s being ran. From the mayor, the police, rent, and living expenses it feels like we are just being worked overtime for the tourist to feel happy.

I really enjoy pictures that look depressing especially in New York because that’s what it feels like to live here. To help make my pictures look gloomy and gritty I’m going to use exposure, blurring motion, direct light, and more. I think that the juxtaposition will be make for interesting photos and make a vibe a lot of people will relate to.

I plan on going at different times from early morning to night to show the flow of people and different lighting. I’ll take pictures of people rushing, resting, smoking, and their surroundings. The pictures in the library will help too with the vibe of people just wanting to be in a calm quiet environment to themselves.

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  1. rmichals

    I sense a contradiction in your statement. Bryant Park really is pretty. At this time of year, there will be the holiday market there and the skating rink. But then you go on to say you want your photos to look depressing, you want them to look like it feels to live here in New York. Maybe Bryant Park is not the right location for the feeling you want to create. I think you will find a much grittier city even a few blocks away say near Port Authority or along 8th Ave in the 30s. Maybe you should make your location 42nd Street? Get yourself out of Bryant Park and people buying crafts into the street where people are rushing, smoking and so on. A whole other topic would be people standing outside office buildings to smoke. Let me know what you decide.

    I would not include the library. Its worthy of being a topic onto itself.

    Of the photos you selected, I really like how the first one uses the sunlight to organize a crowded street scene. Note that direct sun in midtown Manhattan is mostly in midday during the winter. I also like the shot of the skating rink. Note that is in the morning but not too early.

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