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Yessica Ramirez Poem Project

The colors inside of the cloud is the memories that the girl has from her parents. It is in a cloud because although the fire took away everything from her it did not take away the distinct memories she has of her parents

Sound and Space Poem Project Redo

6:22 a.m. By Gerard Malanga
I’ve gone beyond the expectant time of dreaming and now no dreams. There are no first names, even. No greetings on the street. No emails. What I’ve done the day before. My memories like a sieve through which nothing
I can get a grasp on happens. The words well placed, those that have survived. And then what to do with them?
Stretching out those sentences for as far as they would go, across those yellow sheets of paper, the lines well placed. Or else nothing happens. I’m suddenly in a lurch to rise up outta bed or drift back to sleep for another search without seeing in the dark. Without knowing what to ask.


Poem Project (Darren Rogers)

The poem is called Silent Ones

Basically The poem consists on the inner soul of a quiet person and why the poet loves when a quiet person speak how unknown the depth of a quiet person soul even the fact the quiet person doesn’t know themselves but yet it’s so calm almost comparable to a dragon  I get from this poem.