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Song Project

For this project I picked “once a addict” by J Cole, who’s a rapper and in this song he talking about being depressed, using drugs to deal with it , and dealing with his alcoholic mom.In his song he says “lost in a cloud of marijuana”.I painted a guy smoking on a cloud shaped like a question mark because he is lost, depressed and the only way he can deal with it is smoking.

My news article is about stop and frisk and how blacks and Hispanics are being targeted and how they are racially profiled and are innocent.This represents a black men who was racially profiled and is binging told to put his hands up. The brick wall background is words that connect to people being stoped and frisked.

Imaginary Being








This is my imaginary being, its two tornadoes that are turning into the sun on the horizon.I used ink to do the background and scales on the road. I used paper to make the tornadoes and the side of thew road using the paper with patterns.