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Bezold Project

The Past represents the Barbie because when I was little I used to love playing with Barbie dolls.The Present is the Laptop because were always on the computer or on the internet so that’s that and the Future is my future store that I want to open up eventually for my brand and the circles are coins almost like glass coins and the hands are trying to grab them or reach them almost if they were thrown and you got to grab it.

Song Project

So I chose the song Power Trip by J Cole and to me what I see is a time watch and a broken heart because in the song he says “Love is a drug, like the strongest stuff ever” it can be so innocent at first and then You can get heart broken at any given moment and might actually want you to give up on love because it’s so strong. The wings represents that eventually you will recover from the heart break wounds heal but scars still remain the same. The bricks is like a cage as where your trying to get out from the bricks to get free.

Imaginary Being Project

This is my imaginary Being Jackle Incubius. The green background uses unity to my work art, 6 shapes make up the composition of my work so my imaginary being is in the center of my composition. The strokes of the paint brush brings texture all around to the background. In my painting, the 3 red dots are the focal points the use of the white brings out the use of white in the imaginary being which shows value. The use of white compared to the green background shows value. I think the movement is the way my imaginary being brought up because he is kind of slocuhed over. There’s  definetly complementary color as in which there is different types of green   in there. Purple is another cool color you see int eh cubes because it’s not only one cube it’s in all the cubes.You can also see the different grays that I used.