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Space and Sound Poem Project


The giver (for Berdis)

If the hope of giving
is to love the living,
the giver risks madness
in the act of giving.
Some such lesson I seemed to see
in the faces that surrounded me.
Needy and blind, unhopeful, unlifted,
what gift would give them the gift to be gifted?
          The giver is no less adrift
          than those who are clamouring for the gift.
If they cannot claim it, if it is not there,
if their empty fingers beat the empty air
and the giver goes down on his knees in prayer
knows that all of his giving has been for naught
and that nothing was ever what he thought
and turns in his guilty bed to stare
at the starving multitudes standing there
and rises from bed to curse at heaven,
he must yet understand that to whom much is given
much will be taken, and justly so:
I cannot tell how much I owe.

News Story Project

This work is accompanying a news article discussing Russian interference in Americas politics and inciting social division.

Link here:

Imaginary Being Project

Above is my imaginary being, a beast inspired by the book of revelations. The beast was assembled using at least five different textures that I found online, along with gouache paint to blend it all together. There is use of movement within the composition in that the beast is lunging to attack the lamb. The sky was made of clouds using grey scale. I think the focal point is found in the face of the beast along with the other faces and the lamb. Tension is found between the paw of the beast and the lamb. Shade was used throughout the work. As far as perspective goes, there is also a horizon line but no vanishing point. I chose to create this imaginary being because a lot of things that I see going on in the world seem to correlate to what is described in the book the bible. So I decided to create my visual interpretation of what’s written.