Imaginary Being Project

Above is my imaginary being, a beast inspired by the book of revelations. The beast was assembled using at least five different textures that I found online, along with gouache paint to blend it all together. There is use of movement within the composition in that the beast is lunging to attack the lamb. The sky was made of clouds using grey scale. I think the focal point is found in the face of the beast along with the other faces and the lamb. Tension is found between the paw of the beast and the lamb. Shade was used throughout the work. As far as perspective goes, there is also a horizon line but no vanishing point. I chose to create this imaginary being because a lot of things that I see going on in the world seem to correlate to what is described in the book the bible. So I decided to create my visual interpretation of what’s written.

11 thoughts on “Imaginary Being Project

  1. Darren

    First of all nice work! The focal point is definitely the three-headed beast which is so highly detailed with warm colors on the face which is orange/ yellow. The scale of the beast is the largest and pops out first which again makes it the focal point. The background with the clouds has low contrast since it has some subtle grey mixed in with the black and white in the clouds. There’s also a sense of movement going on as it looks like the beast is about to attack the lamb with the halo. If you look on the ground where the beast and lamb is there are flames composed with warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange. There are also cool colors such as green for the grass. Funny enough both the grass and the flames complement each other since red and green are complementary colors. Lastly, all of this composition shape is organic.

  2. chantal gomez

    Jawanzax’s imaginary being project has two clear focal points. One being the four-headed lion and the other being the lamb with a halo. The balance of the work tilts more to the left because of where the lamb is placed and the head is where the head is facing. The texture on the lion is fur and cheetah print plus some line repetition on the head. The scale of the lamb is a lot smaller than the creature, the lion is at least 5 times bigger. There is a high contract between the fire and the sky. The legs being in front of the other with the paw reaching gives the whole artwork movement, your eyes are lead to the lamb.

  3. Sajjadul Alam

    Awesome design, I really like how you took the time to make a beast and how the two beasts are trying to go for the lamb to attack it. I also like how you made the fire and the grass. It looks realistic the whole painting.

  4. Elvis Gordillo

    I really enjoyed observing your imaginary being project. I see that the focal point is the three headed lions but then I started to see the texture you used for the scenery and the flames surrounding the three headed lions. Really reminded me of the creature Cerberus. Alongside the lions I also noticed the lamb. Seemed like you were trying to portray a message here between evil and innocence.

  5. Sonia

    This piece is amazing. I feel like all the components really unite with one another because of the grayish values used throughout the piece. The three headed beast is obviously the focal point but I like how he made the hand look like its reaching out which gives a sense of movement and makes the viewer then look at the sheep. I think the texture that was used for the beast itself was really spot on, making the piece come to life and have a 3D effect to it. I also believe by having the beast in such a large scale and all the values in the background help create the 3D effect and portray the dark and horrific mood.

  6. Edwin Almanzar

    The piece has a very apocalyptic vibe to it that kinda feels appropriate for the times. The focal point of the piece is the beast with 4 heads. It has a very 3D effect to it that makes it seem like its jumping out at the viewer. The background stands out to me and seems like a storm is moving in and lightning is crashing down. The lamb in the corner with its halo differs from the scene but fits perfectly. The shading gives it a muted tone that makes me think of bad weather. The tension in the work between the beast and the lamb is great and adds to the scene. The small details like the hands coming from the fire or the plant near the lamb make the piece come together and make it look realistic and genuine.

  7. Eric18

    I really like your imaginary being projected.The focal point for this project is your three headed beast, theres warm colors such as red, yellow , and orange.The scale of the beast also makes it be the focal point, the sheep scale is smaller than the three headed beast.Theres a sense of movement that is caused from the beast reaching out to get the sheep.

  8. Gaby Santos

    I really like this because it’s showing more than just one thing a lot is going on in this picture. The focal point is the 3 headed tiger I thought that was so cool because it’s giving more than what it actually is I thought the sheep was a cute little thing to add because it looks like he has to obey the tiger. I love the warm colors the red,orange and yellow blend in together.

  9. Natasha Sarmiento

    The concept of the imaginary being is really creative and interesting. It’s really mythical and imagine this creature coming from those old greek stories. The movement of the piece really makes you move her eyes to the main imaginary being to its surroundings and even the sheep. The kinds of texture used for the being is used very well, and it’s very impressive how you used the texture in order to create your work. The colors are used very nice to still blend with the greyscale used in the piece.

  10. kirayuki

    I like the three headed lion by jawanza because it shows that he took a lot of time and put a lot of background texture in his imaginary being . but as he stated his background texture was his main focus for putting his imaginary being together but i really like how he took time putting details. as i look in the background i can see that he must like nature a lot painting a forest with animals and sheep using a lot of gray scale.

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