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Bezold Effect Project 2nd attempt

This is my Bezold Effect project what I did was I made 3 flags one being the US Flag since I live here all my life. The second flag is the Bangladesh flag. I was born there and I have visited so many times. The third flag is the I Italian flag. I designed that flag because in the future I would love to go to Italy and explore, since I love traveling to a lot of places.


Bezold Effect Project

This is my first attempt to do the Bezold Effect project. I don’t know if this is how I have to do it. What I did was I made the flag design from different countries so the past I designed the Bangladesh flag since I traveled there, the present I made the US flag since I’ve been living here all my life and for the future I made the Italian flag because in the future I would like to go to Italy.


Song Project

This is inspired from a song by Eminem called ‘Rap God’. The wings on the beings back are the same lyrics that are used in the song. The lines on the top and bottom have more significance than the others as it directly expresses what the song is about and how Eminem sees himself compared to other rappers in todays age.

Song Project

The song I picked is called “Kakusei” by Superfly, it was a song created and used in the animation movie called “Promare”, which is what the artwork is based on. With the way the beat changes in the song, the image is also based on one of the scenes from the movie that I greatly love ( Link for reference. I thought the scene matched what the project wanted with the colors.

Song Project

So I chose the song Power Trip by J Cole and to me what I see is a time watch and a broken heart because in the song he says “Love is a drug, like the strongest stuff ever” it can be so innocent at first and then You can get heart broken at any given moment and might actually want you to give up on love because it’s so strong. The wings represents that eventually you will recover from the heart break wounds heal but scars still remain the same. The bricks is like a cage as where your trying to get out from the bricks to get free.

Song Project

The song I chose for my project is called “You Never Know” by Immortal Technique. The song is about a guy who fell in love with a girl but then got caught up in the streets. He landed in jail and never got to see his girlfriend again. When he got out he found a letter from his girlfriend and it said that she had HIV and had passed away while he was in jail.

Song Project- Darren_Rogers

I chose “Wish” by Trippie Redd . Instead of  using the whole song into the project I used a Storyboard like art to put  into the project as the first slide uses mainly the introduction to the song.while the two in the bottom focuses on how I felt about the melody of the song. And last two mainly focus on the lyrics of the song. I chose orange and red because the song in the beginning reminds me of when the sun is coming out and the birds are chirping. The purple strobe focus on the sound on the beginning before trippie proceeds to sing it also reminded me of the movie Scott Pilgrim for some reason so I went with a pixel game theme. The clouds just remind me how chilled but at the same time pop like sound this song gives off so the things that is in the side I can imagine that while playing this song.  The next slide gives off movement  as trippie sink lower and lower  to the point that he disappears. The Last slide is a continuation of the dark lyrics that trippie gives off in that song as he says “I CAN’T FEEL MY FACE !!” I decided to make his face distorted and have the world behind him due to the fact he says ” Maybe The world is your’s” .